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Reporting on-line frequently asked questions

If you need extra assistance consult our frequently asked questions before contacting your research office or Marsden Fund staff


How do I access Reporting On-Line?

Reporting On-Line is accessed via a login URL sent to researchers one month before their report is due.  Any issues regarding timing of reports should be addressed to research offices or Marsden Fund staff.

Where do I find the instructions?
Generic instructions are on the header page A Contract. Instructions for the individual sections are on the other header pages, B Popular CategoriesC Sharing Knowledge, etc. A copy of the instructions is sent to researchers, when they are sent their login details.

Why can’t I download the reporting template?
The security settings on Internet Explorer can prevent the downloading of documents from websites that are not "trusted". If downloading doesn't work the first time, it should work on the second attempt. However, it is better to carry out the following change to the Internet Explorer settings:

  • Go to the Contract Reporting website.
  • Then, on your Internet Explorer browser, select Tools, Internet Options, Security, and click on Trusted Sites.
  • Click the Sites button.
  • It should show the url to Contract Reporting in the "Add this website..." field. But make sure the "Require server verification..." is unticked (otherwise you can only add "https:" sites).
  • Click the Add button. This inserts http://mf.rsnz.org as a trusted site.
  • Close.
  • Click the Custom Level button.
  • Scroll down the settings until you get to "Downloads"
  • Make sure that "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and "File download" are both Enabled.
  • Click OK (and accept the MS warning when it flashes up). As mentioned above, these relaxed security settings only apply to the RSNZ site, so your security is not compromised. From now on there should be no file download warnings from Contract Reporting.

Why can’t I log on?
The server might be down, or there might be a problem with your password. Please get in touch with the Marsden Fund office as soon as you can.

Why can’t I edit the questionnaire?
Editing cannot take place until Edit has been clicked. If this is not the problem, you may be using an incorrect password. Please get in touch with the Marsden Fund office as soon as you can.

How long before the web page times out?
Half an hour.


How do I get a hard-copy of publications entered previously?
Go to Print / Preview, select your report in the top box, press Preview Questionnaire (A-E).

Should I include an entry for a conference presentation when the paper has also been listed as a “refereed conference proceedings”, or do you just want the one entry?
Just the one entry please, the “refereed conference proceedings”.

What about seminars?
There is no requirement to list them, but you can include them in your research report, if you wish, or in the “Other” category of Publications.

Research Report

Should I attach the research report in PDF format or as a Word document?
It doesn’t matter, as a PDF document will automatically be created anyway once the Word document has been attached to the report. The report is attached from the Research Report page. If you are attaching a Word document, you will not see the PDF listed until you refresh the Research Report page by exiting from the page and then returning to it (for example, by clicking Prior and then Next).

What about LaTeX files?
A LaTeX template is available for your research report from the Research Report page. However, please convert your LaTeX file to a PDF before attaching to the full report.

Do I have to stick to the template?
Broadly speaking, yes, but please adapt the template if appropriate.

Can I overwrite a research report, once it is attached to the full report?

For a final report, what do I do about the financial part, which needs signing off?
Please arrange with your research office for a signed off copy of the financial reconciliation to be sent to Marsden in the mail. It is up to you whether or not you include an electronic copy with your research report.

How long should my research report be?
The content is more important than the length. The “Progress” section of the report should address the findings, with a diagram or two, if appropriate, and be written for an educated non-specialist. As a guide to length, an annual report might be 1500 words, and a final report about 3000 words.

Full Report (Questionnaire plus Research Report)

Can I print out my report?
Yes. Go to the Print / Preview page, select the report from the selection box, click the Preview Questionnaire (A-E) or Preview Full Report (A-F), and then click the Print icon of Acrobat reader.

Can I download last year’s report?
Yes. Go to the Print / Preview page, and choose last year’s report from the selection box.

What next?

What do I do when I have attached my research report and completed the questionnaire?
Please mark the report as COMPLETED (on page A.1 or on the Print / Preview page). Depending on the practice at your institution, you may wish to advise the research office (although the research office will be able to see that the report is COMPLETED).

What happens to my report?
The report will be checked by the research office, and then released to Marsden.  It will be read carefully by one of the Marsden staff, who will get back to you about it.

What happens if I want to change my report, once it has been released to Marsden?
All is not lost! Please get in touch with your research office.


Who do I contact if I am having trouble?

You can contact Janet Sorensen janet.sorensen@royalsociety.org.nz   , or Rachel Averill rachel.averill@royalsociety.org.nz.  
Alternatively, contact your research coordinator.


Who do I contact if I have a suggestion for improving Reporting On-Line?
Suggestions are welcomed. Please contact Janet Sorensen janet.sorensen@royalsociety.org.nz