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Reporting on-line guidelines

Instructions on how to use the electronic reporting portal

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Below is information on completing each of the sections of a contract report, using the electronic portal Reporting On-Line.  Reporting On-Line is accessed via a login URL sent to researchers one month before their report is due.

Section A. Contract

i.    The full report consists of two parts: the questionnaire and the research report. The questionnaire is completed by answering the questions in Sections A-E. The research report is produced using your own word processor, using a template that can be downloaded from page F.1, Research Report.

ii.    The questionnaire (Sections A – E) may be viewed at any stage by going to the Print / Preview page, selecting the current report, and clicking Preview Questionnaire A-E.

iii.    When the research report has been completed, go to page F.1, Research Report, to attach it to the full report. After the research report has been attached, a PDF version will be created automatically.

v.    The full report (questionnaire plus research report) will be available for viewing once the research report has been attached and the PDF version made. Go to the Print / Preview page, select the report in the selection box, and click Preview Full Report A-F.

v.    Previous reports that have been submitted with On-Line Reporting can be viewed from the Print / Preview page.

vi.    When your report is finished, return to page A.1, change the status to COMPLETED, and advise your research coordinator. The research coordinator will check the report and release it to Marsden.

vii.    Once the report is released by the coordinator, no further changes can be made.

viii.    Navigate using the menu box on the left. DO NOT use the Back and Forward buttons on your internet browser.

ix.    Help for each section is in the Title page of that section.

x.    This list of instructions can be found again by returning to the Contract page.

xi.    To get started on the questionnaire, work your way down the menu on the left hand side. On page A.1, please list the URL if your research is featured on a website, so that a link can be added to the Marsden website. Click Edit, enter the URL, and click Submit.

xii.    To get started on the research report, go to page F.1 and download the template.

Section B. Popular Categories

i.    Information on the Marsden Fund contribution to popular issues is needed for reporting to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) and to answer any bona fide requests for information. Go to the Categories page and select all relevant categories for your research. Note that for some projects, no categories may be applicable.

ii.    To add or alter the ticked categories, click Edit, click on the boxes to either select or deselect a category, and click Submit.

Section C. Sharing Knowledge

i.    This section is the record of outputs arising from the project - papers, refereed conference proceedings, conference presentations, books, book chapters, edited volumes, reports, theses, patents, websites, software, other.

ii.    Adding publications: Select Publication Type, click Add, enter data, and click Submit.

iii.    Deleting publications: Select the ID, click Delete, and confirm.

iv.    On deletion, new publications entered in this report will be completely removed. Previously listed publications will not be removed, but will be tagged with the word "Delete" in the title.

v.    Amending publications: Select the ID column, click Edit, enter changes, and click Submit. To abort changes, click Cancel.

vi.    For previously listed publications, the type of publication cannot be changed. To amend the type of publication, delete the previous entry and add a new entry.

vii.    When editing publications, you may find it useful to have a hard-copy of existing publications. Go to Print / Preview, select the current report from the drop-down list, then select Preview Questionnaire (A-E).

Section D. Personnel

i.    Adding a person: Click Add, enter details, and click Submit.

ii.    Deleting a person: Select person by clicking on their name, click Delete, and confirm.

iii.    Amending details: Select person by clicking on their name, click Edit, alter details, and click Submit. To abort changes, click Cancel.

1. Postdocs / Postgrads

This is a list of the postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and Masters students on the programme in the reporting period, showing the FTE funding they have received as a stipend from the Marsden contract during the year. (People on the programme who have received no stipend from the contract should be included with an FTE value of 0).

2. Other Students

This is a list of the Honours, undergraduate, summer and visiting students on the programme in the reporting period (FTEs not required).

Section E. Flow-on Effect & Activities

i.    Please note that information from this section is not used to assess the contract. It is used, in aggregated form, to help evaluate the outcomes arising from the Marsden Fund as a whole.

ii.    Adding an activity: Click Add, enter details, and click Submit.

iii.    Deleting an activity: Select activity by clicking in the left hand column, click Delete, and confirm.

iv.    Amending details: Select activity by clicking in the left hand column, click Edit, alter details, and click Submit. To abort changes, click Cancel.

1. Publicity

Contributions in the reporting period to public awareness through radio, newspaper, TV, popular articles, outreach programmes, public lectures, etc. Also, details of any conferences that have been, or will be, hosted.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration during the reporting period. Collaboration is defined as research which is done with the aim of producing a joint publication or other output. Examples include co-authorship of papers, joint supervision of a student, contributions to an experiment, co-curating an exhibition, etc. Please do not include the names of PIs and AIs.

3. Visits

Visits by team members (including students) to other institutions in the reporting period, to use equipment, learn techniques, examine collections, take part in field work, etc. Please do not list visits associated only with seminars, or visits associated with the collaboration listed previously.

4. Awards

Awards and distinctions during the reporting period (e.g. research medals, fellowships, prestigious appointments, “best student poster” awards etc.).

Section F. Research

i.    The Research Report page, F.1 (Summary, Introduction, Progress, etc.) should be completed using your own word processor. You may use one of the templates which can be downloaded from the Research Report page, F.1. Templates are available in Word, RTF, and LaTeX. Please ensure that you download the appropriate report type (Annual, Final, or Supplementary).

ii.    When you have completed your research report go to page F.1 to attach it to the full report. Click on Browse to locate the research report, and click Attach.

iii.    Previous reports may be accessed from the Print / Preview page.

iv.    After the research report has been attached, a PDF version will be created automatically. To verify that the PDF version has been made, refresh the Research Report page by exiting from the page and then returning to it (for example, by clicking Prior and then Next). The name of the PDF version will then be visible. If it is not visible, click Redo PDF, and again exit from and return to the page. If the PDF is still not visible, please contact your research coordinator or Marsden.

Further Information

For further information see reporting on-line frequently asked questions.