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Alan Li

Alan Li, a Year 13 student at Lincoln High School in Canterbury has recently been selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum in July.

I live in Selwyn, Canterbury with my bubbly and creative Mum, intelligent but humble Dad, and a caring, supportive older sister. I grew up in an inspirational family.

Influenced by my music-loving family, I fell in love with several different instruments over the years and participated in various school and community orchestras. My other past time which has developed over the years is trying out many kinds of sports. Why just trying out? Because I have managed unfailingly to play my way to the bottom of the pecking order in all of them. Interestingly, I discovered the joy of trying new things in an attempt to find a sport I might be better at. With my latest endeavour of table tennis, I think I may have found 'The One'. 

Academic-wise, I am currently a Year 13 student at Lincoln High School, studying biology, earth and space science, English and music. I’m also enrolled in a first-year maths course and a second-year physics course from the University of Canterbury.

With the never-ending support from my family, school and community, I am very grateful and lucky to have the freedom and resources to explore my ever-growing list of interests. This has brought me lots of enjoyment and excitement in the process as well as some humble achievements. The most recent ones are being awarded the champion of the New Zealand Brain Bee and travelling to Berlin for the International competition, being selected for the New Zealand International Mathematical Olympiad team, as well as gaining NZQA Scholarship in calculus and chemistry and Outstanding Scholarship in Physics last year as a Year 12 student. I am very grateful for the help I received from the people around me. I hope to give back to the community, by being a part of the School Council and the Selwyn Youth Council.

Science and Maths have always fascinated me. I love its logic, rigor and intricate patterns, as well as the creative problem-solving behind it. I am intrigued by the many uncertainties and its intellectual challenges; the discoveries, debates and discussions that have informed it. 

With this belief in my mind, I am truly thrilled to be selected for the London International Youth Science Forum and the International Mathematical Olympiad! I believe the LIYSF is the perfect opportunity for me to experience cutting-edge science while meeting exciting and passionate new friends from all over the world. The IMO is the pinnacle of all Mathematics competitions, and the most prestigious of all Science Olympiads - it is something I have aspired to for years. As such, I am extremely grateful for the Royal Society Te Apārangi for supporting me and providing me with these opportunities. I look forward to immersing myself in a journey of learning and discovery surrounded by those who love Maths and Science just as much as I do!