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How to nominate

How to nominate for the Pickering Medal.


The Pickering Medal is awarded annually to a person or team who, while in New Zealand, has through research and development performed innovative technological work the results of which have had significant impact on concepts and processes, and/or led to significant commercial success with substantial uptake. For team nominations, up to four contributors can be named as team leaders, and the contribution of others may be acknowledged.


  1. Development of an innovative technological product, device, object, process or service resulting from a research and development process which has had significant impact, and is widely recognised;.

  2. Substantial uptake, where "substantial" implies more than merely obtaining a patent, for example widespread commercial adoption.

A necessary criterion must be that the innovative component of the work, or most of it, should have been done in New Zealand.

There is no restriction on the areas of technology to be considered at any one time.

Please also review general criteria that apply to all Royal Society Te Apārangi medals and awards.


Nominations may be made by any person, other than the nominee. The Royal Society Te Apārangi's Academy Executive Committee reserves the right to decline any nomination.

Nominations must be completed on the new online portal. Please email the Academy (academy@royalsociety.org.nz) if you wish to submit a new nomination and you will be provided with a URL to access the portal. When seeking to apply for a team nomination, Nominators should indicate that they should be sent a team nomination URL.

Nominations are to include one set of the following:

  • One sentence citation of not more than 25 words, describing the achievement, which may be used for publicity purposes;
  • Nomination summary of not more than 100 words, that clearly explains their research/innovation to a non-specialist;
  • Nomination statement of no more than 500 words outlining the case the nominee (individual or team) has made to the innovative work, the impact of the work, recognition either nationally or more widely, and evidence of successful uptake or application;
  • Supporting documents
    • Curriculum vitae(s) of nominee/team leaders (up to four);
    • List of up to ten significant pieces of supporting evidence (e.g. key publications or other evidence of invention/creation and impact) including a quantified statement showing the impact of the work;
    • Two references (to be arranged by the nominator), from outside the nominee/team’s institution.

Please note:

  1. The Nominee section for team applications, should include the team name. CVs of up to four team leaders may be included with the nomination. The Nomination Statement should make clear the contributions of the team leaders to the success of the team.”
  2. Full CVs that include all awards should be provided where appropriate, but a full bibliography is not required.
  3. Publications should include the names of all authors (Initials and Surname) and the full title of the journal in which a paper is published. Abbreviations should not be used.