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View recipients of the Pickering Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2023 Pickering Medal has been awarded to the AgResearch Low Methane Sheep Breeding Team (Suzanne J. Rowe, Graeme T. Atwood, Peter H. Janssen, John C. McEwan) for breeding low methane-emitting sheep, determining its biological basis, quantifying its impact on New Zealand’s methane emissions, and embedding this breeding solution in the national flock.

Previous recipients


Rod Badcock for developing superconducting technologies that are enabling electrical machines at the leading edge of current engineering practice.


Keith Cameron and Hong Di for new technology 'ClearTech®’, invented to treat effluent on dairy farms.


Rocket Lab’s research and development team, led by Peter Beck for their technical breakthroughs that have allowed the company to become the world’s leading dedicated-launch-provider for small satellites.


Cather Simpson for pioneering research and commercialisation of innovative photonic technologies addressing challenges with a New Zealand focus and global impact.


AR37 Novel Endophyte Team for their leadership in developing and supporting the AR37 endophyte in agriculture which is estimated to contribute NZ$3.6 billion to the New Zealand economy through the life of the patent.


Stephen Henry for his development and commercialisation of a surface-modification technology, called Kode™  Technology, which shows huge promise for therapeutic use including fighting cancer, reducing surgical infections and healing wounds.


Iain Anderson for the development and commercialisation of electroactive polymer technology.


Margaret Hyland for her pioneering work into the reduction of fluoride emissions produced by aluminium smelters worldwide


Simon Malpas for his development and commercialisation of implantable wireless sensors that can monitor physiological processes such as heart activity or lung function in the body


Harold Marshall for his innovative research-based acoustical designs that have had a profound effect on the design of performance spaces for music, worldwide


David Williams for his contribution to the development of biomedical and gas sensors, which have been commercialised


David Ryan for developing technology which is at the heart of optimisation software used worldwide for solving complex logistics problems, such as airline scheduling


Frank Griffin for his contribution to work in developing diagnostics tests for detecting two major bacterial diseases of New Zealand deer, and a vaccine for the prevention of Yersiniosis in deer


Kenneth McNatty for his contribution to the field of reproductive biology, with products having been commercialised from his work


Ross Ihaka for his software package “R” that has revolutionised the practice of statistics with its unique open-source, extensible model


John McKinnon


Murray McEwan


John Boys


Robert Buckley