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Gene editing in healthcare

2019: Scenarios and summary paper exploring the potential uses of gene editing in healthcare in Aotearoa.

To help consider the implications of using gene editing for healthcare in New Zealand, this paper describes four scenarios with different clinical endpoints and highlights some points for consideration.

In particular, these case studies outline:

  • the possibility of treating both human tissue in individuals, and altering the genes passed on to subsequent generations, by treating embryos and gametes through IVF 
  • the possibility of the technology being used to both correct disease causing genes, and also modify genes in a way that changes or improves existing characteristics.

Gene Editing: Scenarios in Healthcare – Summary

This document provides a summary of the scenarios.

Download Gene Editing: Scenarios in Healthcare – Summary

Gene Editing: Scenarios in Healthcare

This document provides full technical descriptions of the scenarios.

Download Gene Editing: Scenarios in Healthcare


Note: A discussion paper and a companion technical paper were published in 2017.