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Digital Technology is part of the Technology Learning Area

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Technology mediumA reminder that  Digital Technology is a part of the Technology Learning Area and should be taught in authentic contexts, just as with all other technological areas.

Read Technology-in-the-New-Zealand-Curriculum-2017.pdf


  • The progress outcomes should not be used to design a stand-alone programme or become a series of skills to be ticked off.
  • The progress outcomes should be used as a guide for teachers, to illustrate the types of information students will need to be taught, as a result of their engagement with the curriculum concepts, as they are conceptualised within the three strands.


A significant amount of information has been added to the TKI website and the Technology Online websites.

 The following are a few quick links but it is worth spending an hour or so to familiarise yourself with this information.

  • TKI – Technology: The New Zealand Technology Curriculum outlines what technology education is about and why students should study technology.
  • Technology in the NZC: Information about all aspects of the Revised Technology Curriculum. This webpage provides links to help you see how new concepts fit into the structure of the existing 2007 New Zealand Curriculum. This is a good springboard to find detail about the revisions and changes to the curriculum content, implementation, planning, topics etc.
  • Structure of the Technology Curriculum: This includes explanations of the three strands of technological practice, technological knowledge, and the nature of technology, which determine the learning within the five new technological areas of designing and developing material outcomes, designing and developing processed outcomes, design and visual communication, computational thinking for digital technologies, and designing and developing digital outcomes.
  • Progress outcomes: This outlines two of the five new technological areas (Computational Thinking and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes). The other three areas are, designing and developing material outcomes, designing and developing processed outcomes and design and visual communication.


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