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Human evolution

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New technologies and new fossil discoveries mean our knowledge of human evolution is ever changing. Kiwi expert Professor Tom Higham is at the forefront of this exciting field

Learn about new techniques and methods Professor Higham and his team use to more accurately identify and date hominin fossils.

 Becoming human - hominins explores early human classification, including Neanderthals, Homo floresiensis and the mysterious Denisovans.

 Find out what genomics can tell us about our shared Neanderthal DNA and its links with type 2 diabetes and nicotine addiction!

The evolution articles include videos and images. Watch as Professor Higham introduces some of our human ancestors and explains how science is helping us understand where they lived and when they went extinct. Videos also show research sites while Professor Higham describes both the evolutionary discoveries and the adventure of finding them.

There are  curated evolution resources in Pond and Pinterest: