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How Companions are selected

The process for deciding whether an award should be made to a person nominated for Companion (CRSNZ).

The consideration of nominations for Companion takes place once a year, following the end of April cut off date for nominations received. The process is as follows:

Selection of Companions

  • Nominations shall be considered by the Academy Executive Committee, chaired by the Chair of that Committee, who will make a recommendation to the Royal Society Te Apārangi Council on whether the award of Companion should be made.
  • The Academy Executive Committee shall meet by teleconference unless all three members live in the same location, to consider nominations.
  • The Academy Executive Committee will be serviced by administrative staff of the Society who will keep minutes and record any conflicts of interest.
  • The Academy Executive Committee shall be empowered to make independent inquiries regarding nominees if necessary.
  • In the event of failure to reach agreement, the decision will be made by the Royal Society Te Apārangi Council.