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Our Constituent Organisations

Our Constituent Organisations help us identify and address issues relevant to the research, knowledge and innovation sectors, and link into the research information and activities that the Society undertakes.

Constituent Organisations are generally discipline-based, that is their members group through an interest in a particular discipline. Each Constituent Organisation is a voting member of the Society.

The list below is alphabetical by organisation.

Association for Women in the Sciences

Address: AWIS, 92 Puriri St, Fendalton, CHRISTCHURCH 8041

President: Emma Timewell awisnz.convenor@gmail.com  

Contact: Kieren Arthur awis.secretary@gmail.com  

Contact: Caroline Loch carolina.loch@otago.ac.nz 

Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand

President: Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich brigitte.bonisch-brednich@vuw.ac.nz 

Secretary: Nayantara Shearan Appleton nayantara.s.appleton@vuw.ac.nz 

Contact: Dr Corinna Howland corinna.howland@vuw.ac.nz  

Australasian Association of Philosophy

President: Deborah Brown deborah.brown@uq.edu.au

Chief Executive Officer: Tracy Bowell ceo@aap.org.au

Director New Zealand: Jeremy Wyatt jeremy.wyatt@waikato.ac.nz

General Manager: Eliza Goddard elizagoddard@aap.org.au

Australian and New Zealand Optical Society

 President: Frederique Vanholsbeeck f.vanholsbeeck@auckland.ac.nz

Secretary: Moritz Merklein moritz.merklein@sydney.edu.au

Contact: Carlie Watt ausoptsoc@gmail.com

Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology (NZ branch)

Contact: Ries Langley r.langley@auckland.ac.nz 

Contact: Axel Heiser axel.heiser@agresearch.co.nz 

Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (NZ Section)(ASCEPT)

Address: ASCEPT, PO Box 351, Hamilton Central, QLD 4007, AUSTRALIA

President: Katie Burns  k.burns@auckland.ac.nz

Councillor: Michelle Glass michelle.glass@otago.ac.nz 

Contact: Simone Disborough secretariat@ascept.org 

Geoscience Society of New Zealand

President: Sam McColl president@gsnz.org.nz

Contact: Nicki Sayers admin@gsnz.org.nz

Meteorological Society of New Zealand

Address: Meteorological Society of New Zealand (Inc.), PO Box 238, Mosgiel, 9053

President: Nava Fedaeff president@metsoc.org.nz

Secretary: Katrina Richards secretary@metsoc.org.nz

Treasurer: Gregor Macara gregor.macara@niwa.co.nz

New Zealand Archaeological Association

Address: New Zealand Archaeological Association Inc., PO Box 6337, DUNEDIN 9054

President: Mary O'Keeffe mary@heritagesolutions.net.nz 

Contact: Isaac McIvor secretary@nzarchaeology.org 

New Zealand Association for Research in Education 

Address: PO Box 40, Kaeo, Far North 0448

Co-President: Georgina Stewart: georgina.stewart@aut.ac.nz

Co-President: Robyn Caygill: robyn.caygill.work1@gmail.com

Executive Officer: Brenda Frear nzare.eo@gmail.com

Treasurer: Rachel Cann  rfcann@gmail.com

New Zealand Association of Scientists

Address: New Zealand Assn of Scientists, PO Box 1874, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Troy Baisden president@scientists.org.nz  

Vice President: Lucy Stewart

Contact: Fiona McDonald fiona.mcdonald@otago.ac.nz 

New Zealand Ecological Society

Address: New Zealand Ecological Society, Secretariat, PO Box 5008, Waikiwi


President: Debra Wotton debra.wotton@moasark.co.nz

Contact: Kate McAlpine secretary@newzealandecology.org 

New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society

President: Kate McArthur kate@kmwater.co.nz 

Vice President: Jenny Webster-Brown jenny@geokem.co.nz 

Contact: Amy Whitehead amy.whitehead@niwa.co.nz   

New Zealand Geographical Society

Address: New Zealand Geographical Society, C/- School of People, Environment and Planning, Private Bag 11222, PALMERSTON NORTH 4410

President: Associate Professor Sophie Bond sophie.bond@otago.ac.nz

Vice President: Associate Professor Kelly Dombroski K.Dombroski@massey.ac.nz

Secretary and contact: Dr Axel Malecki admin@nzgs.co.nz

New Zealand Historical Association

Address: New Zealand Historical Association, C/- History, School of Humanities, University of Auckland, AUCKLAND

President: Te Maire Tau  temaire.tau@canterbury.ac.nz 

Contact: David Littlewood  D.C.Littlewood@massey.ac.nz 

New Zealand Hydrological Society

Address: New Zealand Hydrological Society (Inc.), PO Box 12300, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Joseph Thomas joseph.thomas@tdc.govt.nz

Contact: Raelene Mercer secretary@hydrologynz.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science

Address: NZ Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science, PO Box 121063, Henderson, AUCKLAND

President: Jeremy Burdon Jeremy.Burdon@plantandfood.co.nz

Contact: Jenny Taylor jennytaylor@iconz.co.nz 

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER)

Address:  NZIER, PO Box 3479, Wellington, 6140

Chief Executive: Jason Shoebridge Jason.shoebridge@nzier.org.nz  

Contact Terri Boote: econ@nzier.org.nz  

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

Address: New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, PO Box 33124, Barrington, Christchurch, 8244

President: Joanne Harvey joanne.harvey@vuw.ac.nz 

Past President: Michael Mucalo mucalo@waikato.ac.nz 

New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology

Address: New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (Inc.), PO Box 5574, Terrace End, PALMERSTON NORTH 4441

President: Esraa El Shall esraa.elshall@fonterra.com

Contact: Wendy Bayliss wendy@nzifst.org.nz  

New Zealand Institute of Physics

Address: New Zealand Institute of Physics (Inc.), c/o Conferences and Events Ltd, PO Box 1254, NELSON 7040

President: Richard Easther president@nzip.org.nz  

Contact: Simon Granville secretary@nzip.org.nz 

New Zealand Marine Sciences Society

President: Kathy Walls president@nzmss.org

Contact: Jenny Hillman secretary@nzmss.org  

New Zealand Mathematical Society

President: Melissa Tacy melissa.tacy@auckland.ac.nz

Vice President: Bernd Krauskopf b.krauskopf@auckland.ac.nz

Contact:  Dimitrios Mitsotakis dimitrios.mitsotakis@vuw.ac.nz  

New Zealand Microbiological Society

President: Heather Hendrickson heather.hendrickson@canterbury.ac.nz 

Contact: Helen Withers helen.withers@mail.com 

New Zealand Plant Protection Society

President: Hayley Ridgway hayley.ridgway@plantandfood.co.nz 

Contact: Jenny Taylor secretary@nzpps.org 

New Zealand Political Studies Association/Te Kahui Tatai Torangapu o Aotearoa

President: Jeremy Moses jeremy.moses@canterbury.ac.nz

Contact: Claire Timperley claire.timperley@vuw.ac.nz

New Zealand Psychological Society

Address: New Zealand Psychological Society Incorporated, PO Box 25271, WELLINGTON

President: Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki moana@waikato.ac.nz

Contact: Veronica Pitt executivedirector@psychology.org.nz 

New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Address: New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Inc), School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, AUCKLAND 1142

President: Peter Mace peter.mace@otago.ac.nz    

Secretary: Daniel Pletzer daniel.pletzer@otago.ac.nz   

New Zealand Society for Parasitology

President: Ash Keown ashkeown@gmail.com

Contact:   Saleh Umair  saleh.umair@agresearch.co.nz 

New Zealand Society of Endocrinology

President: Rchard Caroll  Richard.Carroll@ccdhb.org.nz 

Secretary: Sharon Ladyman sharon.ladyman@otago.ac.nz

                  Holly Phillipps holly.phillipps@otago.ac.nz 

New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists (NZSPB)

President: Lynette Brownfield president@plantbiology.science.org.nz 

Secretary: Nick Albert secretary@plantbiology.science.org.nz 

New Zealand Society of Soil Science

President: Sam Carrick carricks@landcareresearch.co.nz

Contact: Diana Selbie Diana.Selbie@agresearch.co.nz 

New Zealand Statistical Association

Address: New Zealand Statistical Association (Inc.), PO Box 1731, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Beatrix Jones beatrix.jones@auckland.ac.nz  

Contact:  Nokuthaba Sibanda secretary@stats.org.nz  

Nutrition Society of New Zealand

Address: Nutrition Society of New Zealand, PO Box 2039, Gonville, WANGANUI 4543

President: Rachel Brown  president@nutritionsociety.ac.nz

Secretary: Helen Eyles  secretary@nutritionsociety.ac.nz

Contact: Chrisse Butts  Chrissie.butts@plantandfood.co.nz

Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

President (Aus): Marek Tesar (c/- secretary@pesa.org.au)

Secretary:  Andrew Madjar secretary@pesa.org.au 

Physiological Society of New Zealand

President: Laura Bennet  l.bennet@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Rebecca Campbell  rebecca.campbell@otago.ac.nz

Population Association of New Zealand

Address: Population Association of New Zealand (Inc.), PO Box 225, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Rosemary Goodyear rosemary.goodyear@stats.govt.nz

Contact: Shefali Pawar secretary@population.org.nz

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

Address: Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, PO Box 3181, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Nalayini Davies president@rasnz.org.nz 

Contact: John Drummond secretary@rasnz.org.nz  

Sociological Association of Aotearoa NZ SAANZ

President: Bruce Cohen president@saanz.net

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc.  Te Kāhui Mātai Manu o Aotearoa

Address: Birds New Zealand, PO Box 834, Nelson 7040

President: Natalie Forsdick president@birdsnz.org.nz 

Vice President: Ian Armitage vp@birdsnz.org.nz

Executive Officer: Ingrid Hutzler eo@birdsnz.org.nz