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Climate change mitigation options for New Zealand

2016: This report, Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy for New Zealand, takes an in-depth look into climate change mitigation options for New Zealand.

It finds that many mitigation options are already well-understood and achievable. Achieving a low-carbon economy for New Zealand involves taking low-risk climate mitigation actions now and planning for more ambitious greenhouse gas emissions in the future. 

The report identifies opportunities in the sectors of:

  • heat and electricity supply
  • transport 
  • buildings 
  • industry 
  • agriculture 
  • forest and other land-use.

It also considers the interactions between technology, policy and behaviour and the factors that either limit or provide opportunities for change, and gaps in our knowledge.

Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand report sections: 


NZ emissions and trends 

Taking Action

Sector Mitigation Options

Energy Supply

Sectors energy 255x103


Sectors energy 255x103


Sectors transport 255x103


Sectors agriculture 255x103


Sectors buildings 255x103

Forest and other land use

Sectors forest 255x103

Emission reduction pathways 

Background and Annexes 

Download climate change mitigation report and resources


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