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New Zealand ORCID Consortium Resources

Resources for consortium members.

Information for new consortium members

Our consortium information handbook for new members tells you all you need to know about the NZ ORCID Hub, what you need for formulating an ORCID communications strategy at your organisation and where to find the information that you need. Induction information for new consortium members

Common Systems with ORCID Integrations

Some of the most common repository, publishing and CRIS systems which have the capability for ORCID integration are outlined on our information page. If you have any questions, please contact orcid@royalsociety.org.nz

Consortium sharespace

Several consortium members have generously agreed to share their ORCID related materials. If you wish to use any of the following please contact the relevant person. Contact us for email addresses.

  • Lincoln University

Roger Dawson has shared examples of posters that Lincoln University has used to promote ORCID engagement during two Postgraduate Student Conferences. Poster 1 and Poster 2

  • Victoria University of Wellington.

    Matt Plummer and Katie Wilson share their powerpoint presentation on the ORCID experience at VUW (Sept 2017) ORCID-VUW2.pptx
  • Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research

    Aaron McGlinchy has generously shared their experience of using the NZ ORCID Hub to write to the ORCID records of their staff, and is willing to share the wording of the pre-Hub communication emails that they sent out, if asked. Manaaki-Whenuas-NZ-ORCID-Hub-experience.pdf


ORCID information

  • Finding ORCID record holders at your institution: Want to know who's using ORCID iDs at your institution? Start here. This will give you some sample API searches you can use to find out who's asserted on their record that they are affiliated with your institution, as well as a form to learn how many records are associated with your institution's email domain(s). 
  • Reading your premium member report: Premium members receive a customized report each month on their active integration(s). 
  • ORCID hosts frequent webinars to help support members of the ORCID community.Details of upcoming webinars are announced in ORCID's monthly newsletters.

Best practice communications about ORCID

  • Outreach resources: To get the word out about ORCID and to support your outreach efforts, ORCID provide a variety of print and electronic resources, including: flyers; banners; slides; and, adaptable text.

Slides from ORCID consortium meeting pre ARMS 2017 conference

Laurel Haak: slides from 2017 consortium meeting  on figshare (ORCID executive director) https://doi.org/10.23640/07243.5450182.v1

Emma Richardson: slide on an ORCID outreach project at University of Auckland ORCID-UnivAuckland.pptx

Matt Plummer and Katie Wilson: slides on the ORCID experience at Victoria University of Wellington ORCID-VUW.pptx

Promotional materials

  • Digital files of the creation of promotional material, e.g., personalised ORCID iD mugs, are available on request.  Please contact the Society with your intended use, and we'll endeavour to assist you.

Resources for developers

  • API documentation: All the documentation that you need to build your own custom integration using ORCID's APIs can be found starting here.
  • Code examples: Provided by the ORCID community and spanning a variety of languages and use cases.
  • Join ORCID API Users: A Google Group of discussions and questions on the API with ORCID support and active developers; a key source for news about the API.