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Published 9 September 2020

Criminal Justice, Risk and the Revolt against Uncertainty

Professor John Pratt FRSNZ has released a book based on his Marsden Fund research with his PhD student Jordan Anderson

Criminal Justice, Risk and the Revolt against Uncertainty examines the impact and implications of the relationship between risk and criminal justice in advanced liberal democracies, in the context of the 'revolt against uncertainty', which has underpinned the rise of populist politics in these societies.

It asks what impacts the demands for more certainty and security, and the insistence that national identity be reasserted, will have on criminal law and penal policy.

Drawing on contributions made at a Marsden-funded symposium held at Victoria University of Wellington in November 2018, this edited collection discusses the way in which risk has come to inform sentencing practices, broader criminal justice processes and the critical issues associated with this. 

Additional information: Palgrave Macmillan