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Recipients January 2017 Call

International Leader Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 11

Number of funded proposals: 3


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaborators
Dr Daniel Tompkins Landcare Research Full genome sequence of the New Zealand cattle tick Haemaphysalis longicornis 110000 36 Dr Felix Guerrero, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USA
Professor Ian Hermans Malaghan Institute Development of Novel Cancer Immunotherapies 150000 36 Professor Peng Li, Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, China
Dr Chris Baldi University of Otago Novel single-cell physiology studies in human diabetic heart cells 145962 36 Professor Gary Diffee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


New Zealand-China Scientist Exchange Programme

Number of received proposals: 8

Number of funded proposals: 8


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborators Collaborator Institutions
Dr Adrian Molenaar AgResearch Improving mitochondrial function in farm animals Associate Professor Y Bi Hubei Academy of AgroSciences
Dr Mingshu  Cao AgResearch Using Systems Biology to Tap into Complex Traits in Forage Professor Z Nan Lanzhou University
Dr Sebastian Naeher GNS Science Pigment derivatives in petroleum – New indicators to reconstruct paleodepositional environments of source rocks and to correlate oils to their source Associate Professor G Wang China University of Petroleum
Dr Jia-Long Yao Plant & Food Research Cracking the genetic codes for bud mutations Professor J Xu; Professor M Han Huazhong Agricultural University; Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University
Dr John Cater The University of Auckland Numerical Tools for Environmental Hydraulics Associate Professor  Liu Beijing Normal University
Dr Yiqiu Lu The University of Auckland Seismic behaviour of low-damage concrete wall buildings Dr Zhou Tongji University
Dr Lynda Petherick Victoria University of Wellington Cyanobacteria secondary metabolites: New proxies for past lake health and climate change. Professor R Marquez Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Dr Sergei Obruchkov Victoria University of Wellington Development of Downhole NMR Fluid Analyser for Providing in-situ Information at True Reservoir Conditions. Professor L Xiao China University of Petroleum


RSNZ Nominations for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Number of received proposals: 5

Number of nominated proposals: 5


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborator Collaborator Institutions
Dr Lei (Alex) Zhao The University of Auckland Multi-scale mechano-structural relationships of mineralized bone matrix via the PILP process Associate Professor Todoh University of Hokkaido
Dr Rosalie Hosking University of Canterbury Translation with commentary of the Taisei Sankei 大成算経 (Great Accomplishment of Mathematics) 1711 CE of Seki Takakazu, Takebe Katahiro, and Takebe Kataakira Professor Ogawa Yokkaichi University
Dr Aleksandra Mącznik University of Otago Effects of an injury prevention programme on lower extremity biomechanics in female athletes - a clustered randomised controlled trial Professor Matsumoto Keio University
Mr Scott Jarvie University of Otago Using predictive models to inform reintroduction: the case of the endangered Asian Crested Ibis Professor H Nagata Niigata University
Dr Jake Lin Victoria University of Wellington Globalization and Labor Governance: A Comparative Study of Labor and Social Movement in China and Japan Professor Y  Sawada Tokyo University of Foreign Studies