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Recipients July 2019

12th HOPE Meeting

Number of received proposals: 16

Number of nominated proposals: 5

New Zealand PI


Title of Proposed Poster

Ms Ankita Gangotra The University of Auckland Microaspiration: Development and Application of a New Tool to Study the Mechanical Properties of Soft Microparticles

Dr Lisa Pilkington

The University of Auckland

Iterative synthetic strategies and gene deletant experiments enable the first identification of polysulfides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ms Debbie Zhao

The University of Auckland

An atlas of the heart from 3D echocardiography

Dr Colm Healy

University of Canterbury

Multicomponent Materials for Photon Upconversion and Photocatalysis Applications

Ms Chriselle Braganza

Victoria University of Wellington

Synthesis of MRI ligands and their interaction with mucosal associated-invariant T (MAIT) cells