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Recipients January 2022

International Leader Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 5

Number of funded proposals: 4

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Funding (GST Excl) Months International Leader Fellow
Dr Louis Tremblay Cawthron Institute A framework to prioritise and manage the safe use of chemicals in New Zealand  150,000 36 Distinguished Professor Bryan Brooks, Baylor University, USA 
Dr Isabelle Chambefort  Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences  Hotter and deeper geothermal - a novel strategy for Net Zero  135,894  36  Professor Jonathan Blundy, University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM 
Associate Professor Craig Radford  The University of Auckland  Integrating behavioural and genetic techniques to understand stress response in fish to anthropogenic sound  150,000  36  Professor Dennis Higgs, University of Windsor, CANADA
Associate Professor Tony Hickey  The University of Auckland  Exploring the immune system at the intersection of hypoxia and temperature in hypoxia tolerant fish and shark species  100,000  24  Associate Professor Matthew Pamenter,  University of Ottawa, CANADA

RSNZ Nominations for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Number of received proposals: 3

Number of nominated proposals: 3

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborators Collaborator Institutions
Dr Laurie Mitchell Private Individual  Investigating the proximate and ultimate drivers of color pattern diversity in anemonefishes  Professor Vincent Laudet  Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology 
Mr Benjamin Yen The University of Auckland  Smart drone audition: A search and rescue drone system that listens and communicates  Professor Kazuhiro Nakadai  Tokyo Institute of Technology 
Mr Zhao Fan University of Canterbury  New Developments in the Philosophical Foundations of Computability Theory  Professor Makoto Kikuchi  Kobe University 

New Zealand - China Scientist Exchange Programme

Number of received proposals: 2

Number of funded proposals: 2

New Zealand PI  Institution  Project Title   Collaborator Collaborator Institution 
Associate Professor Boon-Chong Seet  Auckland University of Technology  High-resolution multi-cancer type detection using RF imaging  Professor Lulu Wang  Shenzhen Technology University 
Associate Professor Kean Aw  The University of Auckland  A Novel Smart Touch Sensor  Associate Professor Mengying Xie  Tianjin University