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Recipients January 2023

International Leader Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 9

Number of funded proposals: 6


New Zealand PI Institution Project Funding Months Collaborator
Dr Suzanne Bull Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences SLUMP: Submarine Landslide origins Unveiled through Multi-proxy Provenance analysis 100,000 24 Dr Sharman, University of Arkansas, USA
Dr Catherine Morgan University of Auckland A new approach to unify magnetic resonance imaging across Aotearoa 150,000 36 Professor Günther, Fraunhofer MEVIS, GERMANY
Dr Wentao Wu University of Canterbury Seasonal thermochemical storage of solar energy for low-temperature space heating 150,000 36 Professor John Zhai, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Dr Christoph Teschers University of Canterbury An international comparative study to explore the notion of Bildung in relation to Kaupapa Māori values and concepts to strengthen (culturally) inclusive education and pedagogy. 59,840 24 Professor Vogt, Bielefeld University, GERMANY
Associate Professor Yi Mei Victoria University of Wellington Machine Learning for Combinatorial Optimisation: An Evolutionary Computation Approach 150,000 36 Professor Raidl, Technische Universität Wien, AUSTRIA
Dr Qi Chen Victoria University of Wellington Enhancing Genetic Programming for Better Symbolic Modelling 150,000 36 Professor W Banzhaf, Michigan State University, USA

Nominations for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 2

Number of funded proposals: 2


New Zealand PI Institution Project
Dr Geoffrey Weal Victoria University of Wellington Creating Novel Organic Solar Materials using Artificial Intelligence
Ms Elsie Dunkley Victoria University of Wellington Searching for a Primordial Rossman Motif

New Zealand - China Scientist Exchange Programme

Number of received proposals: 13

Number of funded proposals: 10


New Zealand PI Institution Project
Dr Daniel Bastias AgResearch Superior grass-endophyte associations in changing environments
Professor Boon-Chong Seet Auckland University of Technology High-precision multi-cancer type detection using super-wideband RF imaging
Dr Rongmei Wu Plant and Food Research Development of fruit without fertilization
Dr Satish Kumar Plant and Food Research Biofortified and climate-resilient fruit crops
Dr Guo-Liang (Leon) Lu University of Auckland Improving solid tumour lymphocyte infiltration using bioinspired nanosystem
Dr Ziyun Wang University of Auckland Advancing Nitrate Reduction in Water Research to Mitigate Environmental and Health Impacts
Dr Chang Wu University of Canterbury Investigating a Low-Cost and Highly Efficient Catalyst for Seawater Splitting
Dr Ning (Chris) Chen University of Canterbury Understanding perceptions of and factors driving food waste reductions in New Zealand and China HoReCa industry from a consumer and stakeholder perspective
Dr Kunyu Li University of Otago integrating Chinese herbal medicine and immune-targeting therapies for medical treatments
Professor Winston Seah Victoria University of Wellington Resource Management in 6th Generation (6G) Networks for Agriculture and Food Safety/Security Applications