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Recipients January 2018

International Leader Fellowship

Number of received proposals: 16

Number of funded proposals: 5


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaborators
Associate Professor Tony clear Auckland University of Technology Modelling Influence in Software Ecosystems: Navigating a New Frontier 150,000 36

Professor Daniela Damian, University of Victoria, Canada Professor Stephen MacDonell, University of Otago

Dr Jane Symonds Cawthron Institute Catalyst Leaders: International Leader Fellowship for Pierre Boudry, Ifremer 138,700 36 Dr PSC Boudry, Ifremer, France
Dr Carolyn Gates Massey University Antimicrobial Stewardship: Surveillance, Research & Engagement (ASSURE) in New Zealand farm animal production systems 150,000 36 Dr CJ Phythian, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) Norway and Dr KK Reyher, University of Bristol - Veterinary School, United Kingdom
Professor Peter Xu The University of Auckland Robotic Technology for Automatic Harvesting of Ovine Offal 150,000 36 Professor Dr AW Verl, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dr Rodney Badcock Victoria University of Wellington New materials delivering rapid rail transport and renewable generation 150,000 36 Professor J Fang, Beijing Jiaotong University, China


New Zealand-China Scientist Exchange Programme

Number of received proposals: 11

Number of funded proposals: 10


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborators Collaborator Institutions
Dr Adrian Molenaar AgResearch Improving mitochondrial function in farm animals - phase two Professor Dr Y Bi, Associate Professor ZD Hua Hubei Academy of AgroSciences,  Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Dr Bin Tian Lincoln University A systematic study on the formation, influencing factors, cytotoxicity, and rapid detection of biogenic amines in wine Professor S Liu, Professor JC Zhan Northwest A&F University, China Agricultural University
Professor Eric Buenz Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Pigment derivatives in petroleum – New indicators to reconstruct paleodepositional environments of source rocks and to correlate oils to their source Professor XD Luo Kunming Institute of Botany
Dr Charles Ampomah-Dwamena Plant & Food Research Regulation of carotenoid accumulation in fruit flesh

Professor J Wu, Associate Professor WF Zeng, Professor  Xu

Nanjing Agricultural University, Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Huazhong Agricultural University
Ms Cecilia  Deng Plant & Food Research Development of a new collaboration with Chinese partners to develop novel bioinformatics and genomic technologies to aid molecular marker discovery in both countries Professor LJ Fan, Professor ZH Han Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University
Professor Martin Holland University of Canterbury New Zealand's Trade Agenda in the Age of Global Disruption

Professor  de Castro,Dr SY Lai, Professor C Ding, Professor Dr J Shi

University of Macau, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Fudan University , Sichuan University
Professor Rodolfo Marquez University of Canterbury Development of New Treatments for Bamboo Protection

Professor CS Hu

South China Agricultural University
Dr David Leung University of Canterbury Probing drought tolerance mechanism in plants

Professor  Wang

Northeast Agricultural University
Dr Matevz Raskovic Victoria University of Wellington Beyond infrastructure: How can New Zealand contribute to greater sustainability of China's Belt and Road Initiative in the Asia Pacific?

Dr X Chen

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Dr Adam Canning Wellington Fish and Game Council Using ecological network analysis to assess the effects of restoration efforts on the health of the Three Gorges Reservoir (Yangtze River) food web

Dr  Shi

Institute of Hydroecology, Ministry of Water Resources and Chinese Academy of Sciences


RSNZ Nominations for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Number of received proposals: 3

Number of nominated proposals: 3


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Collaborator Collaborator Institutions
Dr J Zhe Lincoln University Investigation of the dual regulatory role of transcription factor using transcription activator-like proteins (TALE) in Drosophila menologaster Professor  Palmer, Professor NM Luscombe Lincoln University, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology
Mr Tze-Huan Lei Massey University The induction and decay of dry and humid heat acclimation on sweat gland function and cutaneous vasodilation Professor Dr N Kondo Kobe University
Mr Pat Wongpan University of Otago Integrated bio-physical study of multi-decadal variability of Antarctic land-fast sea ice breakup Associate Professor S Aoki Hokkaido University