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Recipients July 2017 Call

10th HOPE Meeting

Number of received proposals: 17

Number of nominated proposals: 5

New Zealand PI


Title of Proposed Poster

Ms Evelyne Maes


Catch me if you can: Deciphering protein cross-links with mass spectrometry.

Dr Claudia Lang

Plant and Food

Genetic variants of plant microRNA miR168a exhibit differing silencing efficacy with the human Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Adaptor Protein 1 (LDLRAP1) transcript in vitro.

Ms Fang Ou

The University of Auckland

Near-real time monitoring of live to dead bacterial cell ratios.

Ms Alexandra McNeill

University of Canterbury

Tuning the Bandbending of ZnO by Covalently Attached Molecular Layers.

Mr Robert Smith

University of Otago

Rapid access to the chromone scaffold: Application towards the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules.