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Marsden awards 2012

View Marsden Fund grants awarded in 2012


ProjectContractContact InvestigatorInstitutionPanelFunding (GST inc)
Inequality and injustice: deliberation, power and the nature of public opinion AUT1201 Dr Skilling AUT University SOC $345,000
Surviving in the Eocene ocean: the unbearable warmness of being GNS1201 Dr Hollis GNS Science ESA $960,000
Earthquake hydrology: seismic pumps or broken pipes? GNS1202 Dr Cox GNS Science ESA $960,000
Fingerprinting geothermal fluids: tracking the magmatic signature GNS1203 Dr Chambefort GNS Science ESA $345,000
Sticky or creepy: what causes abrupt changes in seismic behaviour along subduction plate boundaries? GNS1204 Dr Ellis GNS Science ESA $895,000
Making a splash: superhydrophobic spacing, symmetry and stretch IRL1201 Dr Willmott Industrial Research Ltd EIS $345,000
Imaging of magnetic vortex pinning in high temperature superconductors IRL1202 Dr Knibbe Industrial Research Ltd PCB $345,000
Do priority effects explain contrasting lineage diversification on islands? LCR1201 Dr Lee Landcare Research EEB $920,000
Punctuated evolution: is rapid morphological change linked to speciation? MAU1201 Assoc Prof Morgan-Richards Massey University EEB $690,000
The genetics and epigenetics of bird migration timing MAU1202 Dr Battley Massey University EEB $920,000
Modern analysis and geometry MAU1203 Prof Martin Massey University MIS $615,000
The good without the bad: selective chelators for beryllium MAU1204 Dr Plieger Massey University PCB $930,000
Understanding quantum thermodynamics with the smallest heat engine MAU1205 Dr Fialko Massey University PCB $345,000
Harnessing the power of business: the contested involvement of corporations in community development initiatives in the Pacific MAU1206 Prof Scheyvens Massey University SOC $890,000
Affective practice, identity and wellbeing in Aotearoa MAU1207 Assoc Prof Moewaka-Barnes Massey University SOC $850,000
Institutional change, path dependence and public transport planning in Auckland MAU1208 Dr Muhammad Massey University SOC $345,000
Testing the validity and robustness of national wellbeing and sustainability measures MEP1201 Dr Grimes Motu Economic Research SOC $890,000
Investigating the role of ozone in New Zealand and Southern Hemisphere climate change NIW1201 Dr Morgenstern NIWA ESA $955,000
Waves in ice: Will an increase in Southern Ocean storms have an impact on Antarctic sea-ice? NIW1202 Dr Kohout NIWA ESA $345,000
Interdisciplinary targeted strategy: novel approach to guide new hypoxia-activated prodrugs to solid tumours using pH-sensitive liposomes UOA1201 Dr Wu The University of Auckland BMS $345,000
Tracing the footsteps of a viral polymerase UOA1202 Dr Kingston The University of Auckland BMS $975,000
Nutritionally driven reproductive development: is the male in the driving seat? UOA1203 Dr Vickers The University of Auckland CMP $785,000
Unlocking the untapped therapeutic potential of peptide receptors to combat diabetes, obesity and heart disease UOA1204 Dr Hay The University of Auckland CMP $910,000
How does the heart grow? UOA1205 Prof Hunter The University of Auckland CMP $910,000
Resolving the nanostructure of the cochlear synapse UOA1206 Dr Barclay The University of Auckland CMP $345,000
Ready for climate change? The ecophysiology of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) forests UOA1207 Dr Macinnis-Ng The University of Auckland EEB $345,000
The genetics of complex cognition UOA1208 Dr Hunt The University of Auckland EEB $920,000
Brain asymmetries for gesture and speech UOA1209 Prof Corballis The University of Auckland EHB $760,000
The imaginative brain: neural networks supporting flexible future thinking UOA1210 Dr Addis The University of Auckland EHB $780,000
Novel movement retraining for musculoskeletal and neurological disorders using artificial muscle UOA1211 Dr Besier The University of Auckland EIS $930,000
Heart failure and remodelling: from images to mechanics UOA1212 Prof Nash The University of Auckland EIS $940,000
Understanding the rapid electrophysiological transition in the stomach UOA1213 Dr Du The University of Auckland EIS $345,000
Shakespeare's theatre games UOA1214 Prof Bishop The University of Auckland HUM $535,000
Recognition theory and the Christian tradition UOA1215 Dr Russell The University of Auckland HUM $345,000
Face, screen, interface: rendering the face in screen-based media from early cinema to digital special effects UOA1216 Dr Cameron The University of Auckland HUM $345,000
Toi te Mana: a history of indigenous art from Aotearoa New Zealand UOA1217 Dr Brown The University of Auckland HUM $635,000
Highly symmetric polytopes UOA1218 Dr Leemans The University of Auckland MIS $580,000
Statistical methods for complex samples UOA1219 Prof Lumley The University of Auckland MIS $700,000
Answering the hard questions: massive Bayesian inference in astrophysics UOA1220 Dr Brewer The University of Auckland MIS $345,000
Towards atomic resolution biological imaging using free electron X-ray laser radiation - the granulovirus connection UOA1221 Assoc Prof Metcalf The University of Auckland PCB $970,000
Rethinking future security: exploring the nexus between state-based and indigenous security systems in the Pacific UOA1222 Dr Ratuva The University of Auckland SOC $600,000
Ecological influences and life course impacts of bullying and victimisation for youth in New Zealand UOA1223 Dr Stuart The University of Auckland SOC $345,000
Saving energy versus making yourself understood during speech production UOC1201 Dr Derrick University of Canterbury EHB $345,000
Electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol UOC1202 Dr Marshall University of Canterbury EIS $345,000
Criminal minds: a history of forensic psychology, 1850-1950 UOC1203 Dr Wolffram University of Canterbury HUM $345,000
Genetic jigsaws with missing pieces: mathematical challenges for piecing together evolution from patchy taxon coverage UOC1204 Prof Steel University of Canterbury MIS $555,000
Non‐classical foundations of analysis UOC1205 Dr McKubre‐Jordens University of Canterbury MIS $345,000
Overcoming anxiety: the neuroendocrine strategy of new mothers UOO1201 Dr Anderson University of Otago BMS $975,000
Recording the electrical activity of GnRH neurons in vivo UOO1202 Prof Herbison University of Otago BMS $975,000
Feeling gravity in your bones: characterising a molecular sensor of force UOO1203 Prof Robertson University of Otago BMS $975,000
Hormonal regulation of immune cells: does anti-hormone therapy inadvertently fuel cancer? UOO1204 Dr Dunbier University of Otago BMS $345,000
Mechanism of hormone entry across the blood-brain-barrier UOO1205 Prof Grattan University of Otago BMS $975,000
The role of asymmetric division in male germ-line specification in flowering plants UOO1206 Dr Brownfield University of Otago CMP $345,000
En garde! The development of a stress response in bees and its impact on learning and memory UOO1207 Prof Mercer University of Otago CMP $910,000
Molecular understanding of flowering time regulation in legumes UOO1208 Dr Macknight University of Otago CMP $910,000
How do males adjust their sperm quality in response to social cues? UOO1209 Dr Rosengrave University of Otago EEB $345,000

Cycling salmon: integrating theory and data of spatial population dynamics


UOO1210 Dr Krkosek * University of Otago EEB $345,000
Living in the shadow of Angkor: responses and strategies of upland social groups to polity demise in the late- to post-Angkor period UOO1211 Dr Beavan University of Otago EHB $720,000
Brain mechanisms of self control UOO1212 Prof Bilkey University of Otago EHB $800,000
Mind the gap? Worker productivity and pay gaps between similar workers in New Zealand UOO1213 Prof Stillman University of Otago EHB $800,000
Engineering optical near fields: principles and techniques for applications in sensing and lithography UOO1214 Prof Blaikie University of Otago EIS $910,000
A scaling law for a renewable energy resource: is gigawatt output from tidal turbine farms realistic? UOO1215 Dr Vennell University of Otago EIS $940,000
Ecologies of skill in early modern England UOO1216 Prof Tribble University of Otago HUM $485,000
Modelling paradoxes in non-classical mereotopology UOO1217 Dr Weber University of Otago HUM $345,000
Causality and cosmological models in general relativity UOO1218 Dr Hennig University of Otago MIS $345,000
Transformation optics: the science of cloaking UOO1219 Dr Thompson University of Otago PCB $345,000
Thermal dynamics of a spinor condensate UOO1220 Assoc Prof Blakie University of Otago PCB $940,000
Efficient conversion of individual microwave photons to individual optical photons UOO1221 Dr Longdell University of Otago PCB $930,000
Natural neighbourhoods for city children UOO1222 Assoc Prof Freeman University of Otago SOC $430,000
A new solution to a perennial problem: resolving a paradox in pursuit of ecology's Holy Grail UOW1201 Dr Laughlin The University of Waikato EEB $345,000
Toxic in crowds: the triggers of toxin production in planktonic cyanobacteria UOW1202 Prof Hamilton The University of Waikato EEB $920,000
What makes us share food with others? The role of neurohormone oxytocin in social aspects of eating behaviour UOW1203 Dr Olszewski The University of Waikato EHB $760,000
Photodissociation of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere UOW1204 Dr Lane The University of Waikato PCB $345,000
Activism, technology and organising: transformations in collective action in Aotearoa New Zealand UOW1205 Assoc Prof Ganesh The University of Waikato SOC $890,000
He rongo i te reo rauriki, i te reo reiuru: whakatauki and conservation of biodiversity in Aotearoa UOW1206 Dr Whaanga The University of Waikato SOC $345,000
Winners and losers: effects of demographic heterogeneity on individual fitness and the dynamics of marine metapopulations VUW1201 Assoc Prof Shima Victoria University of Wellington EEB $920,000
The adaptability of corals to climate change: switching partners and the role of nutritional interactions in the coral-algal symbiosis VUW1202 Assoc Prof Davy Victoria University of Wellington EEB $920,000
Will the East Antarctic ice-sheet contribute to global sea-level rise under warmer-world scenarios? VUW1203 Dr Golledge Victoria University of Wellington ESA $345,000
Tracing the evolution of radio halos and relics with next generation radio telescopes VUW1204 Dr Johnston-Hollitt Victoria University of Wellington ESA $870,000
The history of reading in colonial New Zealand and Australia VUW1205 Prof Wevers Victoria University of Wellington HUM $445,000
The tenurial revolution in the Pacific and the Americas VUW1206 Prof Boast Victoria University of Wellington HUM $585,000
Algorithmic randomness, computation and complexity VUW1207 Prof Downey Victoria University of Wellington MIS $510,000
Cluster analysis for ordinal categorical data VUW1208 Dr Arnold Victoria University of Wellington MIS $600,000
Genetic programming for job shop scheduling VUW1209 Prof Zhang Victoria University of Wellington MIS $520,000
Motivation and achievement: a study of complex relations VUW1210 Dr Hodis Victoria University of Wellington SOC $345,000
The colour of crime: investigation of attitudes towards blue- and white-collar offending VUW1211 Dr Marriott Victoria University of Wellington SOC $345,000
Investing in rural China: New Zealand agribusiness and the local global nexus VUW1212 Dr Young Victoria University of Wellington SOC $345,000