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Marsden awards 2014

View Marsden Fund grants awarded in 2014

ProjectProject IDContact InvestigatorInstitutionPanelFunding (GST excl)
The permeability of the Antarctic vortex BDS1401 Dr GE Bodeker Bodeker Scientific ESA $785,000.00
Adaptive evolution in changing environments: can epigenetic variation compensate for low genetic diversity? CAW1401 Dr KF Smith Cawthron Institute EEB $300,000.00
Fast-forward fish: resilience of exploited marine populations to a changing ocean DGF1401 Dr P Neubauer Dragonfly Science EEB $300,000.00
Efficient energy processing at the nanoscale: the physics of how cells use energy FRI1401 Dr KJ Challis Scion PCB $300,000.00
Nano-thermoelectric generators GNS1401 Dr JV Kennedy GNS Science EIS $695,000.00
Characterising ribosomal RNA gene activation, a novel Achilles heel of cancer MAU1401 Dr ARD Ganley Massey University Albany BMS $820,000.00
Investigation of SUSHI-mediated early signalling events in plant innate immunity MAU1402 Dr KH Sohn Massey University CMP $300,000.00
When genomes collide: how allopolyploids respond to genome shock MAU1403 Associate Professor MP Cox Massey University EEB $808,000.00
Lineage selection and the evolution of cancer MAU1404 Professor PB Rainey Massey University EEB $808,000.00
Linking genes, phenotypes and communities: uncovering heritable variation in community structure MAU1405 Dr JD Aguirre Massey University EEB $300,000.00
Modelling, inference and prediction for dynamic traffic networks MAU1406 Professor ML Hazelton Massey University MIS $380,000.00
Automatically deriving the model of digital ink sketches MAU1407 Dr RV Blagojevic Massey University Manawatu MIS $300,000.00
Geometric numerical integration: new structures and applications MAU1408 Professor RI McLachlan Massey University MIS $440,000.00
Putting the squeeze on atoms and molecules: accurate quantum simulations of atomic and molecular phases under high pressures and temperatures MAU1409 Professor PA Schwerdtfeger Massey University Albany PCB $750,000.00
Complex multicomponent metal-organic frameworks MAU1411 Associate Professor SG Telfer Massey University PCB $750,000.00
The business of care: constructing a childcare market in Aotearoa/New Zealand MAU1410 Dr A Gallagher Massey University SOC $250,000.00
An insect jumping gene to guide personalised cancer medicine UOA1401 Professor WR Wilson The University of Auckland BMS $805,000.00
Creating neural bridges: a conducting polymer neurotransmitter releasing system UOA1402 Dr DM Svirskis University of Auckland BMS $300,000.00
Diabetic heart pathology: is it all about the glycogen? UOA1403 Dr KM Mellor The University of Auckland BMS $300,000.00
Treating cutaneous inflammation by putting skin on a fat-free diet UOA1404 Dr CJ Hall The University of Auckland BMS $755,000.00
Questioning the CO-FT regulon model and discovering genes that regulate photoperiodic and low nitrogen-induced flowering in the model legume Medicago UOA1405 Associate Professor JJ Putterill The University of Auckland CMP $773,000.00
RHS-repeat-containing proteins, a new paradigm for targeted protein delivery UOA1406 Associate Professor JS Lott The University of Auckland CMP $773,000.00
How to avoid brain damage during oxygen deprivation? Intertidal fish provide a unique test model UOA1407 Dr AJR Hickey The University of Auckland CMP $773,000.00
Predicting the adaptive potential of small populations: a case study in the endangered New Zealand hihi UOA1408 Dr AW Santure University of Auckland EEB $808,000.00
8,000 years of hunter-gatherer adaptation: burial and bioarchaeology at Roonka, Australia UOA1409 Associate Professor JH Littleton The University of Auckland EHB $675,000.00
Robotic ‘therapy and assessment’ to understand the development of muscle function in children with cerebral palsy following botulinum toxin treatments UOA1410 Dr AJ McDaid The University of Auckland EIS $300,000.00
Biophysical modelling of water and ion transport in the lungs UOA1411 Dr VA Suresh The University of Auckland EIS $770,000.00
Uncovering the hidden secrets of rivers: the role of interlayer structures UOA1412 Dr H Friedrich The University of Auckland EIS $300,000.00
Optical micro-elastography and biomechanics of the lung alveolar tissue UOA1413 Associate Professor MH Tawhai The University of Auckland EIS $765,000.00
Getting inside the earthquake machine: fine-scale imaging of the Alpine Fault zone UOA1414 Dr L Adam University of Auckland ESA $300,000.00
Auckland lakes as climate dipsticks: producing unique insights into the nature and drivers of the past 117,000 years of climate change UOA1415 Associate Professor PC Augustinus The University of Auckland ESA $800,000.00
Good neighbourliness in international law UOA1416 Dr AKM Hertogen The University of Auckland HUM $300,000.00
Symmetry breaking and pattern formation in asthmatic lungs UOA1417 Dr GM Donovan The University of Auckland MIS $300,000.00
A question of identity: statistical methods for a new era in wildlife abundance estimation UOA1418 Associate Professor RM Fewster The University of Auckland MIS $453,000.00
Extremes in two-dimensional Brownian geometry UOA1419 Dr JA Goodman Technion - Israel Institute of Technology MIS $300,000.00
Axioms and algorithms for multi-winner elections UOA1420 Professor AM Slinko The University of Auckland MIS $535,000.00
Probing the chemistry of novel protein crosslinks UOA1421 Dr CJ Squire The University of Auckland PCB $750,000.00
Unravelling the unprecedented architecture of the NZ natural product portimine using molecular chess UOA1422 Professor MA Brimble The University of Auckland PCB $765,000.00
Power to the people? A comparative study of workplace reform in New Zealand UOA1423 Dr HL Delaney University of Auckland SOC $300,000.00
Understanding corporate welfare in an age of austerity UOA1424 Dr GA Cotterell University of Auckland SOC $300,000.00
Samoan transnational matai (titled chiefs): ancestor god 'avatars' or merely title-holders? UOA1425 Dr M Anae The University of Auckland SOC $705,000.00
What do the claimants say? Reconceptualising the treaty claims settlement process UOA1426 Professor MS Mutu The University of Auckland SOC $710,000.00
Intergenerational investments or selling ancestors?   Maori perspectives of privatising New Zealand's electricity generating assets UOA1427 Dr ML Muru-Lanning University of Auckland SOC $300,000.00
Maori-medium educational scholarship UOA1428 Dr GM Stewart The University of Auckland SOC $300,000.00
Epigenetics and flexible plant memory: how past environmental cues lead to episodic mast flowering UOC1401 Professor MH Turnbull University of Canterbury EEB $775,000.00
Unravelling the neural mechanisms of speech production: insights from EEG and fMRI in people who stutter UOC1402 Dr C Theys University of Canterbury EHB $300,000.00
May I have your attention please: a hybrid model of cognition and attention for wearable computers Declined Professor MN Billinghurst University of Canterbury EIS $0.00
Tidal bending of ice shelves: the key to understanding Antarctic grounding zones UOC1404 Dr OJ Marsh University of Canterbury ESA $300,000.00
Probing the origins of high-energy cosmic rays with precision neutrino observations UOC1405 Associate Professor JA Adams University of Canterbury ESA $770,000.00
Light switchable functional metal-organic cages UOC1406 Professor PE Kruger University of Canterbury PCB $750,000.00
Allosteric regulation and the dynamics of a molecular pendulum that controls a catalytic clock UOC1407 Professor EJ Parker University of Canterbury PCB $760,000.00
Functional dissection of a novel GABAergic pathway in the brain circuitry controlling fertility UOO1401 Dr RE Campbell University of Otago BMS $820,000.00
Oxytocin: a safety brake preventing excessive activation of the stress axis UOO1402 Dr KJ Iremonger University of Otago BMS $300,000.00
Redox regulation of cell death UOO1403 Associate Professor MB Hampton University of Otago BMS $815,000.00
Mapping neuroplasticity in the brain UOO1404 Associate Professor RM Empson University of Otago BMS $820,000.00
Primed for action: bacterial adaptive immunity UOO1405 Dr PC Fineran University of Otago CMP $773,000.00
Functional and morphological dissection of a plastic neuroendocrine circuit UOO1406 Dr SJ Bunn University of Otago CMP $773,000.00
Memory impairments after stroke, a stressful condition UOO1407 Dr AN Clarkson University of Otago CMP $773,000.00
Making war or babies: division of labour and social evolution in parasites UOO1408 Professor R Poulin University of Otago EEB $790,000.00
The causes and consequences of multidimensional individual specialisation in freshwater fish UOO1409 Dr T Ingram University of Otago EEB $300,000.00
Are genetic shifts in dispersal ability key to resolving the “paradox of the great speciators”? UOO1410 Dr BC Robertson University of Otago EEB $808,000.00
The evolution of the functional diversity of forests UOO1411 Professor SI Higgins University of Otago EEB $808,000.00
Use it or lose it: unravelling the genetic basis of flight-loss in New Zealand's alpine insects UOO1412 Professor JM Waters University of Otago EEB $808,000.00
Transitions in prehistory: subsistence and health change in northern Chile UOO1413 Dr SE Halcrow University of Otago EHB $720,000.00
Dressing for survival and success: what pre-European Maori wore for adaptive realisation UOO1414 Dr CA Smith University of Otago EHB $300,000.00
Pushed to the limits: investigating the significance of agricultural transfers and innovation in southern Polynesian colonisation UOO1415 Associate Professor IG Barber University of Otago EHB $720,000.00
Captured in amber: ecological complexity in New Zealand's ancient araucarian forests UOO1416 Associate Professor DE Lee University of Otago ESA $810,000.00
Slow creep or fast rupture in faults? Linking nature and experiment to understand the earthquake source UOO1417 Dr SAF Smith University of Otago ESA $300,000.00
Evolution equations with memory and random fluctuations UOO1418 Dr BB Baeumer University of Otago MIS $565,000.00
Developing inversion methods for non-stationary thinning of point processes UOO1419 Dr T Wang University of Otago MIS $300,000.00
Borrowing from nature’s library: fundamental insights into molecular recognition by chemoreceptors UOO1420 Dr ML Gerth University of Otago PCB $300,000.00
A new politics of peace? Investigations in contemporary pacifism and nonviolence UOO1421 Professor RDW Jackson University of Otago SOC $595,000.00
Constant coconuts: a history of a versatile commodity in the Pacific world UOO1422 Professor JA Bennett University of Otago SOC $710,000.00
The price is right? UOW1401 Professor JK Gibson The University of Waikato EHB $700,000.00
Bed roughness controls on mangrove swamp stability UOW1402 Associate Professor KR Bryan University of Waikato EIS $710,000.00
The terrestrial carbon cycle in transition: tracking changes using novel tracers on multiple timescales UOW1403 Dr A Hartland University of Waikato ESA $300,000.00
Te Mauria Whiritoi: the sky as a cultural resource - Maori astronomy, ritual and ecological knowledge UOW1404 Dr R Matamua The University of Waikato SOC $710,000.00
Mining Mincle: how Mincle ligands can lead to more effective vaccines VUW1401 Dr BL Stocker Victoria University of Wellington BMS $705,000.00
Metagenome mining for new bioactive natural products within New Zealand's terrestrial and marine microbial communities VUW1402 Dr JG Owen Victoria University of Wellington CMP $300,000.00
Developmental reversals in children's false memories for experienced events VUW1403 Dr DA Brown Victoria University of Wellington EHB $585,000.00
Investment in physical capital: the effects of competition and uncertainty VUW1404 Professor GA Guthrie Victoria University of Wellington EHB $400,000.00
An optical omniscope with 20/20 microvision: imaging the near- and far-fields simultaneously VUW1405 Dr CP Moore Victoria University of Wellington EIS $300,000.00
Strain-engineered lead-free ferroelectric thin films VUW1406 Dr EM Anton Victoria University of Wellington EIS $300,000.00
Structure and uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains VUW1407 Professor TA Stern Victoria University of Wellington ESA $790,000.00
Swings and roundabouts? What drives opposing trends in sea ice between the Ross and Amundsen Seas? VUW1408 Associate Professor JA Renwick Victoria University of Wellington ESA $800,000.00
Exploring Maori legal traditions VUW1409 Dr CH Jones Victoria University of Wellington HUM $300,000.00
Rape myths as barriers to fair trial practices VUW1410 Associate Professor E McDonald Victoria University of Wellington HUM $540,000.00
Personal geographies and global networks: William Colenso and the Victorian Republic of Letters VUW1411 Dr SJ Shep Victoria University of Wellington HUM $540,000.00
A banner of peace? Missions and peace activism, 1814-1850 VUW1412 Dr GM Troughton Victoria University of Wellington HUM $300,000.00
Secret world: security intelligence and state surveillance in New Zealand, 1907-2007 VUW1413 Professor RS Hill Victoria University of Wellington HUM $495,000.00
Tinker, tailor, soldier, settler: garrison and empire in the nineteenth century VUW1414 Professor CJ Macdonald Victoria University of Wellington HUM $540,000.00
Missing narratives of modern Chinese intellectual history: modernity and writings on art, 1900-1930 VUW1415 Professor Y Wang Victoria University of Wellington HUM $495,000.00
Winning elections in Ancient Rome: ideology and practice VUW1416 Professor WJ Tatum Victoria University of Wellington HUM $275,000.00
The final stages of the Hawking evaporation of black holes VUW1417 Professor M Visser Victoria University of Wellington MIS $538,000.00
Numerical solution of time-dependent multi-dimensional nonlinear dispersive wave equations with applications to coastal hydrodynamics VUW1418 Dr D Mitsotakis Victoria University of Wellington MIS $300,000.00
Nanoparticle-nanorod frameworks Declined Associate Professor RD Tilley Victoria University of Wellington PCB $0.00
Putting the heat on high-temperature superconductors VUW1420 Dr JG Storey Victoria University of Wellington PCB $300,000.00
Novel organic metal halides for perovskite sensitised solar cells VUW1421 Dr J Halpert Victoria University of Wellington PCB $300,000.00
Educating for emigration? Searching for appropriate education policy in the Pacific Islands VUW1422 Professor JD Overton Victoria University of Wellington SOC $710,000.00
Re-placing commodity dependence: alternative sustainable and ethical value chains in the resource periphery VUW1423 Professor WE Murray Victoria University of Wellington SOC $710,000.00
Rape, silencing and objectification: a socio-cultural analysis of barriers to rape reform VUW1424 Associate Professor J Jordan Victoria University of Wellington SOC $610,000.00
Kernels of hope: following coconut commodities from the Pacific to the West VUW1425 Dr AK Henderson Victoria University of Wellington SOC $300,000.00
Sounding the heart: the mechanics of cardiac elastography UOA1429 Professor Alistair Young The University of Auckland EIS $770,000.00