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Marsden awards 2013

View Marsden Fund grants awarded in 2013


ProjectContractContact InvestigatorInstitutionPanelFunding (GST excl)
The writing is on the wall: elucidating the deep evolutionary links between cell wall synthesis in bacteria and methanogenic archaea AGR1301 Dr Ronimus AgResearch EEB $826,087
Does the southern edge of the Hikurangi Plateau control Otago tectonics? GNS1301 Dr Reyners GNS Science ESA $717,391
New Zealand's Stormy Past: Resolving changes in South Island precipitation under varying influence of tropical and polar forcing over the past 17,000 years GNS1302 Dr Levy GNS Science ESA $782,609
Unraveling the magmatic processes responsible for phonolitic volcanism using the Mount Erebus lava lake and magmatic system GNS1303 Dr Hill GNS Science ESA $300,000
Reconstructing complex ground motion effects in Christchurch during the Canterbury earthquakes: what does this mean for future ground motion prediction? GNS1304 Dr Kaiser GNS Science ESA $300,000
Dipoles of Charge or Spin - what is the pairing mechanism in HTS cuprates? IRL1301 Dr Tallon Callaghan Innovation PCB $695,652
Does investment into seed dispersal alter with plant height and island size? LCR1301 Dr Thomson Landcare Research EEB $300,000
A radical lipid link for symbiosis MAU1301 Dr Eaton Massey University CMP $300,000
UV-B radiation as a master regulator of photosynthetic performance and leaf organ development in sunlight MAU1302 Dr Wargent Massey University CMP $300,000
Untangling genes and culture: sex-based song traditions in New Zealand bellbirds MAU1303 Prof Brunton Massey University EEB $826,087
It takes all types: behavioural variation and the survival of New Zealand birds in human dominated landscapes MAU1304 Dr Parker Massey University EEB $300,000
No Longer Lost in Recognition: Development of Novel Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Techniques MAU1305 Dr Wang Massey University EIS $660,870
A multi-scale model to explore how proteins (mis)behave when other molecules are around MAU1306 Dr Allison Massey University PCB $300,000
Affect and identity in contemporary television drama MAU1307 Dr Moewaka-Barnes Massey University SOC $300,000
Dilution of turbulent buoyant plumes – is it all in the how you turn the tap? NIW1301 Assoc Prof Stevens NIWA EIS $739,130
DAD2, a hormone receptor that hydrolyses its ligand PAF1301 Dr Snowden Plant & Food Research CMP $765,217
Adaptation to life on land: How plants developed UV sunscreens PAF1302 Dr Davies Plant & Food Research CMP $739,130
Searching for needles in proteomic haystacks: an innovative approach for quantifying predictive biomarkers in cancer therapy UOA1301 Dr Gu The University of Auckland BMS $300,000
Identifying a zinc link in Autism Spectrum Disorders UOA1302 Dr Montgomery The University of Auckland BMS $739,130
Investigation of macromolecular assembly and signalling by an antiretroviral host protein UOA1303 Dr Goldstone The University of Auckland BMS $847,826
Improving radiotherapy outcomes: Chain release of drugs to kill refractory cancer cells and inhibit metastatic spread UOA1304 Assoc Prof Anderson The University of Auckland BMS $847,826
Role of the extracellular matrix in regulating myelination deficits following ischemia in preterm infants UOA1305 Dr Dean The University of Auckland BMS $300,000
Biological glass: The molecular and cellular determinations of the optical properties of the ocular lens UOA1306 Prof Donaldson The University of Auckland CMP $826,087
Armed to deliver -Insight into the action of a microinjection nanodevice UOA1307 Assoc Prof Mitra The University of Auckland CMP $765,217
Tongues, trees and Bayesian inference - towards a global language phylogeny UOA1308 Dr Atkinson The University of Auckland EEB $847,826
SNPing away at genetic assimilation: does biased epigenetic mutation drive evolution? UOA1309 Dr Donovan The University of Auckland EEB $300,000
Shaping cooperation: identifying how genes, experience, and socio-cognitive ability influence the development of cooperation in early childhood UOA1310 Dr Henderson The University of Auckland EHB $300,000
The impact of maternal arterial remodelling on placental vascular development UOA1311 Dr Clark The University of Auckland EIS $300,000
Agent-based modelling of drug and radiation action in the tumour microenvironment UOA1312 Dr Hicks The University of Auckland EIS $773,913
Polymeric molecule sponges: A new generation of sorbent media with ultra-high binding affinity and selectivity UOA1313 Dr Han The University of Auckland EIS $300,000
Characterising gas bubble effects on the droplet spreading process using numerical modelling UOA1314 Dr Tran The University of Auckland EIS $300,000
Predicting properties of pericardium: from optics to mechanics UOA1315 Dr Jor The University of Auckland EIS $300,000
A global history of the Hague Peace Conferences, 1899 - 1914 UOA1316 Dr Abbenhuis The University of Auckland HUM $521,739
On the Forge: The Role of the International Judge and Arbitrator in the 21st Century UOA1317 Dr Foster The University of Auckland HUM $391,304
Recreating Beijing: Public space, private pursuits and popular agency since 1949 UOA1318 Prof Clark The University of Auckland HUM $365,217
Researching Ourselves: Social Surveys in New Zealand UOA1319 Dr Greenhalgh The University of Auckland HUM $300,000
From Vocalism to Nominalism: The Twelfth Century Parisian Schools of Philosophy and their Logics. UOA1320 Assoc Prof Martin The University of Auckland HUM $434,783
The Transformation of Everyday Life in Samoa (1800-2000) UOA1321 Assoc Prof Salesa The University of Auckland HUM $478,261
New directions at the geometry-analysis frontier UOA1322 Prof Gover The University of Auckland MIS $434,783
Group actions, structure and representations UOA1323 Prof Conder The University of Auckland MIS $417,391
A unified framework for phylodynamic inference of infectious diseases UOA1324 Prof Drummond The University of Auckland MIS $521,739
Free Analysis and Convexity UOA1325 Dr Klep The University of Auckland MIS $300,000
Scaling limits and super-Brownian motion UOA1326 Dr Holmes The University of Auckland MIS $347,826
Randomness, analysis, and reverse mathematics UOA1327 Prof Nies The University of Auckland MIS $521,739
New Directions in the Quantum Theory of Photo-Emissive Sources UOA1328 Prof Carmichael The University of Auckland PCB $695,652
Controlling Optical Rogue Waves UOA1329 Assoc Prof Broderick The University of Auckland PCB $730,435
Anderson localisation of matter waves in programmable potentials UOA1330 Dr Hoogerland The University of Auckland PCB $608,696
Microresonator frequency combs: Fiber-optic physics to the rescue UOA1331 Dr Erkintalo The University of Auckland PCB $300,000
Raw log exports from Tauranga: are they a necessary consequence of New Zealand's position at the end of the world's supply chain? UOA1332 Prof Olsen The University of Auckland SOC $778,261
Is New Zealand betting on the wrong horse in the international innovation race? The importance of market innovations for small open economies UOA1333 Prof Storbacka The University of Auckland SOC $673,913
Touchy-feely justice or veiled retribution? An ethnography of therapeutic jurisprudence in New Zealand problem-solving courts UOA1334 Dr Thom The University of Auckland SOC $300,000
The Crown: Perspectives on a Contested Symbol and its Constitutional Significance in New Zealand and the Commonwealth UOA1335 Prof Shore The University of Auckland SOC $604,348
The strategies by which miniature predators use highly structured working memory UOC1301 Prof Jackson University of Canterbury EEB $826,087
A friend of my friend is my friend - testing how habitat cascades increase ecosystem function and biodiversity UOC1302 Dr Thomsen University of Canterbury EEB $695,652
Understanding how listeners comprehend distorted speech UOC1303 Assoc Prof McAuliffe University of Canterbury EHB $543,478
"Time Slows Down Whenever You're Around": The Evolutionary Psychology of Timing and Perceived Attractiveness UOC1304 Dr Arantes University of Canterbury EHB $300,000
The Physics of Molecular Delivery by Electroporation of the Stratum Corneum: Local Transport Region Initiation and Evolution UOC1305 Dr Becker University of Canterbury EIS $300,000
Imaging fibrous biomolecules with x-ray free-electron lasers UOC1306 Prof Millane University of Canterbury EIS $773,913
Graphene supercapacitors: transforming energy storage solutions UOC1307 Prof Downard University of Canterbury EIS $739,130
A liquefiable bowl of jelly: Understanding the seismic response of a soft and saturated sedimentary basin in the Canterbury earthquakes UOC1308 Dr Bradley University of Canterbury ESA $300,000
Recency effects in spoken New Zealand English UOC1309 Dr Clark University of Canterbury HUM $300,000
Selling New China to New Zealand: Rewi Alley and the Art of Museum Diplomacy UOC1310 Dr Bullen University of Canterbury HUM $434,783
Rational design of next-generation photovoltaics & molecular electronics UOC1311 Dr Crittenden University of Canterbury PCB $300,000
Role of host cell polarized exocytosis in spread of bacterial pathogens UOO1301 Dr Ireton University of Otago BMS $760,870
Pumping lysine to achieve metabolic homeostasis during infection UOO1302 Prof Cook University of Otago BMS $847,826
Identifying the mechanisms by which CaMKII regulates cellular signalling in the diabetic heart UOO1303 Dr Erickson University of Otago BMS $300,000
Tying Knots in Proteins with Chlorine Bleach: Novel post-translational modifications catalyzed by mammalian peroxidases UOO1304 Prof Kettle University of Otago BMS $847,826
Fungal drug resistance – not as simple as A-B-C UOO1305 Prof Cannon University of Otago CMP $773,913
BAFfled: how does orf virus defeat the BAF cellular defence mechanism? UOO1306 Prof Mercer University of Otago CMP $800,000
In the cradle of the double helix: a novel proposal for the origin of life UOO1307 Dr Bernhardt University of Otago EEB $300,000
Ladies before gentlemen – investigating the molecular basis of female to male sex change in sequentially hermaphroditic fish UOO1308 Prof Gemmell University of Otago EEB $826,087
You can't go home again: forensic evidence for changes in ecosystem function following mainland extinction of pinnipeds UOO1309 Dr Jack University of Otago EEB $300,000
Does language syntax mirror the structure of sensorimotor cognition? UOO1310 Assoc Prof Knott University of Otago EHB $652,174
Maximising success in a new land: the role of Wairau Bar in the systematic colonisation of New Zealand by Polynesians UOO1311 Prof Walter University of Otago EHB $773,913
The causal role of religious belief in managing death anxiety and intergroup discrimination UOO1312 Prof Halberstadt University of Otago EHB $652,174
Gold growth in situ: nanoparticles to nuggets UOO1313 Prof Craw University of Otago ESA $630,435
Global ocean anoxia during ancient 'greenhouse' climates: Prospects for a warming world UOO1314 Dr Stirling University of Otago ESA $739,130
Windows onto warmer worlds: sea ice, nutrient utilization, and primary production on the Wilkes Land margin, Antarctica UOO1315 Dr Riesselman University of Otago ESA $300,000
Between Local and Global: A World History of Bluff UOO1316 Dr Stevens University of Otago HUM $300,000
Global Romantics: How the Porter Family Changed Nineteenth-Century Art and Literature UOO1317 Dr McLean University of Otago HUM $391,304
Designer spin crossover: towards nanoswitches, sensors and displays UOO1318 Prof Brooker University of Otago PCB $739,130
Bioluminescent Microcrystals from the Firefly Squid UOO1319 Dr Sharpe University of Otago PCB $300,000
Controlling the microscopic world: Few-atom quantum dynamics UOO1320 Dr Andersen University of Otago PCB $717,391
Entrepreneurial Networking and Foreign Market Entry Decision Making UOO1321 Prof Chetty University of Otago SOC $773,913
Colonisation impacts and the decoupling of human cultural and ecological systems UOO1322 Dr Wehi University of Otago SOC $300,000
The Evolution of Biosynthetic Pathways and Metabolism UOW1301 Professor Arcus The University of Waikato PCB $739,130
The sub-national mechanisms of the ending of population growth. Towards a theory of depopulation UOW1302 Prof Jackson The University of Waikato SOC $747,826
Children visiting a museum: information gathering or creative capacity building? UOW1303 Prof Carr The University of Waikato SOC $778,261
What makes a good egg? VUW1301 Dr Pitman Victoria University of Wellington CMP $756,522
Using interaction networks to explain invasion success and community dominance: wasps in an old and new world VUW1302 Prof Lester Victoria University of Wellington EEB $826,087
Making a rod for our own backs: Do human actions select for traits that promote invasiveness in animals? VUW1303 Dr Gruber Victoria University of Wellington EEB $300,000
The evolution of intelligence: evaluating the heritability and fitness consequences of cognition in wild North Island robins VUW1304 Dr Shaw Victoria University of Wellington EEB $300,000
A novel system for sympatric speciation: a species flock of green algae from ancient Lake Baikal VUW1305 Dr Boedeker Victoria University of Wellington EEB $300,000
Modeling the Extensive and Intensive Margins in Earnings Dynamics VUW1306 Prof Hyslop Victoria University of Wellington EHB $608,696
Controlling Emotional Distraction: Testing the Asymmetric Inhibition Model VUW1307 Dr Grimshaw Victoria University of Wellington EHB $652,174
How is overgeneral memory related to the development of psychopathology in young people? VUW1308 Assoc Prof Salmon Victoria University of Wellington EHB $652,174
Semiconductor-based spintronics: can rare-earth nitrides and group III-nitrides get it together? VUW1309 Dr Natali Victoria University of Wellington EIS $782,609
Using the world's most rapidly slipping normal fault to understand the mechanics of low-angle normal faults and the dynamics of continental extension VUW1310 Prof Little Victoria University of Wellington ESA $739,130
Can ice sheets help themselves? Investigating self-stabilization and instability in Antarctica VUW1311 Dr Horgan Victoria University of Wellington ESA $300,000
Locked and loaded? Effects of deep seismic and aseismic deformation on Alpine Fault earthquakes VUW1312 Assoc Prof Townend Victoria University of Wellington ESA $717,391
Drilling back to the Pliocene in search of Earth's future high-tide VUW1313 Prof Naish Victoria University of Wellington ESA $782,609
Improving ice core records - Understanding the link between rapid changes of greenhouse gases and temperature VUW1314 Dr Dadic Victoria University of Wellington ESA $300,000
NZ Bill of Rights Act under the Microscope VUW1315 Prof Geiringer Victoria University of Wellington HUM $504,348
Matroid Minors VUW1316 Prof Whittle Victoria University of Wellington MIS $521,739
Computability Theory in the Constructible Universe VUW1317 Dr Day Victoria University of Wellington MIS $300,000
CAPE: Making Capability Policies Explicit VUW1318 Prof Noble Victoria University of Wellington MIS $521,739
Model theoretic techniques in Banach spaces and combinatorics VUW1319 Dr Usvyatsov Victoria University of Wellington MIS $300,000
Territorial Disputes and Civil Society in Northeast Asian Democracies VUW1320 Dr Bukh Victoria University of Wellington SOC $300,000
The Social Consequences of Spirituality and Religion: A Twenty Year Longitudinal Study VUW1321 Dr Bulbulia Victoria University of Wellington SOC $769,565