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Marsden awards 2015

View Marsden Fund grants awarded in 2015


ProjectProject IDContact InvestigatorInstitutionPanelFunding (GST excl)
Good riddance to bad rubbish: waste disposal in motor neuron disease 15-UOA-157 Dr EL Scotter The University of Auckland BMS $300,000
A novel approach for studying the mechanoenergetics of the heart at the tissue level 15-UOA-209 Dr J-C Han The University of Auckland BMS $300,000
Mitochondrial DNA transfer to cells with mitochondrial genome damage following bone marrow transplantation 15-MIM-001 Professor MV Berridge Malaghan Institute of Medical Research BMS $840,000
A novel molecular sensor to optimise central nervous system gene therapy 15-UOA-039 Associate Professor DS Young The University of Auckland BMS $840,000
Immune cell migration: a new role for a "clot busting" enzyme 15-UOA-218 Associate Professor NP Birch The University of Auckland BMS $840,000
Generating novel biosensors to monitor oxidative stress in the heart 15-UOO-034 Dr PP Jones University of Otago BMS $805,000
Exposed: does a leaky blood-brain barrier elevate the risk for obesity in the offspring of obese mothers? 15-UOO-100 Dr CL Jasoni University of Otago BMS $740,000
Game of clones: unravelling biocide resistance mechanisms in Staphylococcus aureus 15-UOO-191 Dr DA Williamson University of Otago BMS $490,000
Identifying novel DNA replication components through harnessing the resource of Mendelian disease 15-UOO-211 Dr LS Bicknell University of Otago BMS $840,000
Evolution of a gene silencing mechanism contributing to speciation 15-PAF-001 Dr NW Albert Plant and Food Research CMP $300,000
A road map for Cannabinoid Receptor 2 intracellular trafficking: molecular mechanisms of cell surface delivery 15-UOA-194 Dr NL Grimsey The University of Auckland CMP $300,000
Restriction of gene transfer in pathogenic bacteria by a novel CRISPR-Cas system 15-UOO-122 Dr RHJ Staals University of Otago CMP $300,000
A chemical cue for fungal-plant symbiosis 15-MAU-148 Professor DB Scott Massey University CMP $825,000
Probing the protein membrane interface of an oncogenic cell signalling system 15-UOA-105 Dr JU Flanagan The University of Auckland CMP $810,000
Shear force dependent regulation of epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC) and its relevance for blood pressure regulation 15-UOO-030 Dr M Fronius University of Otago CMP $755,000
Salinity tolerance and betalain pigments: unlocking how an extraordinary plant alkaloid combats salt stress 15-VUW-027 Professor KS Gould Victoria University of Wellington CMP $810,000
Better, faster, stronger: bionic enzymes for artificial substrates 15-VUW-037 Associate Professor DF Ackerley Victoria University of Wellington CMP $825,000
Unpacking infection spillover dynamics 15-MAU-028 Dr DTS Hayman Massey University EEB $300,000
First come, best served? The role of generalist and specialist species in the assembly, diversity and productivity of ecosystems 15-VUW-069 Dr JR Deslippe Victoria University of Wellington EEB $300,000
Synergising ecology and evolution: discovering patterns of functional and phylogenetic diversity of New Zealand's marine fishes versus depth 15-MAU-132 Professor MJ Anderson Massey University EEB $840,000
Evolutionary drivers of ornamental coloration in male and female birds 15-MAU-136 Associate Professor J Dale Massey University EEB $775,000
What was the first smell? 15-PAF-007 Professor RD Newcomb Plant and Food Research EEB $840,000
What drives the evolution of extreme male weaponry? 15-UOA-241 Dr GI Holwell The University of Auckland EEB $840,000
Conserving small island populations of endangered New Zealand birds: can a "Swiss Family Robinson" dilemma be avoided? 15-UOC-038 Professor JV Briskie University of Canterbury EEB $805,000
Do old males deliver the good epigenes? 15-UOO-110 Dr SL Johnson University of Otago EEB $840,000
Born at the right time? Disentangling the effects of birthdate and developmental trajectories on fitness, population dynamics, and the evolution of life-history strategies 15-VUW-028 Associate Professor JS Shima Victoria University of Wellington EEB $840,000
Soaking it up: unlocking mechanisms of sponge acclimation in a changing world 15-VUW-127 Associate Professor JJ Bell Victoria University of Wellington EEB $840,000
How responsive is migration to financial incentives? Evidence from New Zealand's student support scheme 15-MEP-001 Dr IYF Sin Motu Economic & Public Policy Research Trust EHB $300,000
Meet the neighbours: evidence for interaction between the Lapita culture and non-Austronesian communities in Papua New Guinea 15-UOO-116 Dr AC Ford University of Otago EHB $300,000
Searching for a shared world: the integration of prosody and word ordering in cross-linguistic speech perception 15-VUW-015 Dr SA Calhoun Victoria University of Wellington EHB $300,000
Statistical learning with and without a lexicon 15-UOC-105 Professor JB Hay University of Canterbury EHB $767,000
The origins of social inequality in Southeast Asia: an exploration of health and wealth disparity at the emergence of state level society 15-UOO-018 Associate Professor HR Buckley University of Otago EHB $767,000
Out of the mouths of babes: interviewing children in forensic contexts 15-UOO-061 Professor H Hayne University of Otago EHB $742,000
A genomic study of the people of Wairau Bar: health, history and origins of the first New Zealanders 15-UOO-169 Professor EA Matisoo-Smith University of Otago EHB $767,000
A baby's eye view: theory of mind development through exposure to repeated behaviours 15-UOO-185 Professor T Ruffman University of Otago EHB $767,000
Biosensing with insect odorant receptor proteins 15-PAF-002 Dr CJF Carraher Plant and Food Research EIS $300,000
Hyphae-on-a-chip: a microfluidic platform for the study of protrusive forces in hyphal invasion 15-UOC-037 Dr VM Nock University of Canterbury EIS $300,000
Transforming the problem of motion blur into a measurement of velocity in time-of-flight distance imaging 15-UOW-008 Dr LV Streeter University of Waikato EIS $300,000
Shedding new light on the eye 15-UOA-023 Dr FDG Vanholsbeeck The University of Auckland EIS $800,000
A human neural chip platform for in vitro neuroscientific discovery 15-UOA-032 Dr CP Unsworth The University of Auckland EIS $805,000
Water purification using a green science approach 15-UOA-152 Professor LJ Wright The University of Auckland EIS $810,000
Widely-tunable optical microresonator parametric oscillators. 15-UOA-295 Dr SG Murdoch The University of Auckland EIS $760,000
Nanoscale topological insulators 15-UOC-021 Professor SA Brown University of Canterbury EIS $820,000
Do softer rocks and fluids control earthquake behaviour? Probing the Hikurangi subduction mega-thrust using full-waveform inversion 15-GNS-002 Dr Y Kaneko GNS Science ESA $300,000
Putting a lid on it: dynamic and thermodynamic effects of an active, multi-phase interfacial layer on boundary-layer interactions 15-NIW-007 Dr NJ Robinson National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research ESA $300,000
The ice is melting: how do trace metals in the ocean influence the Antarctic marine ecosystem and global climate? 15-UOO-070 Dr R Middag University of Otago ESA $300,000
Is the Southern Ocean carbon sink sinking? Using records of atmospheric radiocarbon to characterise the response of the Southern Ocean to climate change 15-GNS-012 Dr JC Turnbull GNS Science ESA $810,000
Can slow subduction zone deformation rapidly increase stress on nearby faults? 15-GNS-026 Dr BN Fry GNS Science ESA $775,000
Super-volcanic flows: are they just all hot air? 15-MAU-085 Dr G Lube Massey University ESA $745,000
Putting the Pacific Ocean to the litmus test: resolving a multi-millennial record of ocean pH from corals with the boron isotope proxy 15-UOA-265 Professor PS Kench The University of Auckland ESA $810,000
Shaking magma to trigger volcanic eruptions 15-UOC-049 Dr BM Kennedy University of Canterbury ESA $650,000
Predicting a sea change: Antarctic ice-ocean interactions in a warming world 15-VUW-131 Associate Professor NAN Bertler Victoria University of Wellington ESA $810,000
Antipodean arks: settler colonial zoos in local and global contexts 15-UOA-170 Dr AK Boswell The University of Auckland HUM $300,000
Managing monks: Buddhism, law and monastic control in Southern Asia 15-UOO-154 Dr B Schonthal University of Otago HUM $300,000
The ethics of research on clinical data and tissue without explicit patient consent 15-UOO-171 Dr AJ Ballantyne University of Otago HUM $300,000
The individual and the state in early Rome 15-MAU-024 Dr JH Richardson Massey University HUM $320,500
New Zealand's civil war 15-MAU-066 Professor MP Belgrave Massey University HUM $580,000
Of famines and ancestors: a history of the epigenetic revolution 15-UOA-305 Dr T Buklijas The University of Auckland HUM $504,500
Cultivating chamber music in Beethoven's Vienna: a study in socio-musicology 15-UOA-308 Dr NR November The University of Auckland HUM $580,000
Rethinking language change in a super-diverse city 15-VUW-004 Professor M Meyerhoff Victoria University of Wellington HUM $580,000
Lost in space? New mathematical tools to analyse and search spaces of phylogenetic networks 15-UOA-037 Dr S Linz The University of Auckland MIS $300,000
Smoothing and inference for point process data with applications to epidemiology 15-UOO-092 Dr TM Davies University of Otago MIS $300,000
Distributed data-intensive service composition 15-VUW-096 Dr H Ma Victoria University of Wellington MIS $300,000
Modern analysis and geometry 15-MAU-037 Professor GJ Martin Massey University MIS $545,000
Analysis of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on domains with nonsmooth and stochastic boundaries 15-UOA-156 Associate Professor AFM ter Elst The University of Auckland MIS $505,000
Surprisingly slow dynamics in calcium models: where are the slow time scales? 15-UOA-184 Professor J Sneyd The University of Auckland MIS $550,000
Robust optimisation under uncertainty with limited data 15-UOA-341 Professor AB Philpott The University of Auckland MIS $500,000
Small higher-rank graphs, the structure of their operator algebras, and implications for the equilibrium states of the resulting operator-algebraic dynamical system 15-UOO-071 Professor IF Raeburn University of Otago MIS $550,000
Deep learning without the headache: computationally efficient extraction of features from data with many correlated variables 15-UOW-094 Associate Professor E Frank University of Waikato MIS $410,000
Genetic programming for dynamic flexible job shop scheduling 15-VUW-044 Professor M Zhang Victoria University of Wellington MIS $550,000
Molecular metamorphosis: new synthetic methods and design 15-MAU-154 Dr T Fallon Massey University PCB $300,000
Targeted, triggered and zero waste prodrug activation 15-UOO-163 Dr AB Gamble University of Otago PCB $300,000
Lighting up sugars: fluorescent probes for saccharides 15-UOA-180 Professor PJ Brothers The University of Auckland PCB $675,000
Stretchable polymer electronics that sticks and heals 15-UOA-337 Professor J Travas-Sejdic The University of Auckland PCB $790,000
How do bacteria scavenge sialic acids from their human host? 15-UOC-032 Dr RCJ Dobson University of Canterbury PCB $770,000
A dilute supersolid of polar molecules 15-UOO-111 Professor PB Blakie University of Otago PCB $790,000
Hybrid quantum systems based on rare earth ion dopants 15-UOO-247 Dr JJ Longdell University of Otago PCB $790,000
Synthetic sulfated saccharides in cell signalling 15-VUW-095 Dr PC Tyler Victoria University of Wellington PCB $790,000
Climate change and globalisation: long-distance relationship or "double exposure"? 15-LCR-008 Dr NA Cradock-Henry Landcare Research SOC $300,000
Civilian casualties, contemporary conflict and the politics of death: lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq 15-UOA-029 Dr TA Gregory The University of Auckland SOC $300,000
Resettled but not reunited: refugees and transnational belonging through digital media 15-UOA-168 Dr JM Marlowe The University of Auckland SOC $300,000
The influence of early-Maori and ahumoana tawhito (ancient aquaculture) on the toheroa of today 15-UOW-013 Dr PM Ross University of Waikato SOC $300,000
Sport in the red zone: youth and social change in spaces of war and disaster 15-UOW-096 Dr HA Thorpe University of Waikato SOC $300,000
Whanau violence: Indigenous women keeping safe in unsafe intimate relationships 15-AUT-024 Professor DL Wilson Auckland University of Technology SOC $670,000
Track the black: the whakapapa of paru 15-GNS-023 Dr KM Rogers GNS Science SOC $690,000
Te ao hou: transforming worlds in New Zealand 1900-1950 15-UOA-013 Professor Dame Anne Salmond The University of Auckland SOC $685,000
Rethinking the future of freshwater in Aotearoa New Zealand 15-UOA-113 Dr KT Fisher The University of Auckland SOC $615,000
Transcending embedded neoliberalism in international economic regulation: options and strategies 15-UOA-128 Professor J Kelsey The University of Auckland SOC $600,000
Unravelling the complexities of socio-economic position (SEP) in the elderly 15-UOA-222 Dr DJ Exeter The University of Auckland SOC $685,000
How great can we be? Identity leaders of the Maori economic renaissance 15-UOA-316 Dr CA Houkamau The University of Auckland SOC $565,000
Intolerable risks: the search for security in an age of anxiety 15-VUW-001 Professor J Pratt Victoria University of Wellington SOC $580,000
The missing link: Pakeha intergenerational family memory 15-VUW-079 Associate Professor AE Green Victoria University of Wellington SOC $520,000

You can download these results, (including AIs) as an excel spreadsheet: 2015 Awards