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Fund Type: Marsden Fund

Category: Standard

Year Awarded: 2009

Title: Biological economies: knowing and making new rural value relations

Recipient(s): Professor R Le Heron | PI | The University of Auckland
Associate Professor HR Campbell | PI | University of Otago
Dr M Henry | AI | Massey University
Dr N Lewis | AI | The University of Auckland
Professor E Pawson | AI | University of Canterbury
Professor HC Perkins | AI | Lincoln University
Professor MM Roche | AI | Massey University
Dr C Rosin | AI | University of Otago

Public Summary: New Zealand's rural economies and landscapes are rapidly changing as a consequence of shifting global-local relations. How can we understand and work with these emerging conditions? What new explanatory categories are necessary? This proposal answers these questions by targeting theoretical and methodological innovation alongside intensive field-research. We will investigate rural change through fieldwork on value chains and places, focusing on actor interactions, relationships and possibilities. The project will contribute to a new knowledge system that in turn might stimulate innovative practices in the rural sector. It is designed to advance the potential of New Zealand's biological economies.

Total Awarded: $676,444

Duration: 3

Host: The University of Auckland

Contact Person: Professor R Le Heron

Panel: SOC

Project ID: 09-UOA-091

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