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Registering an application

Information for Institutional Coordinators on how to register a new application on the application portal

1. Click "Add" link at bottom left of page

When prompted, add the email address of the contact PI, and click "Lookup". If the applicant is already in the portal, their details should automatically appear.

If not, enter the title, initials, last name and first or known name of the contact PI.

Note: For Dr AB Costello, the initials are “AB”, not “ABC”.

2. Identification / Type of Proposal Enter the Authorised Agent (the person who will sign or authorise the proposal for your institution) and the type of proposal (Fast-Start, Standard, or Council Award). Then click the SAVE button.

3. Send applicant login details

Click the "Send Email" link on top right. Your email program will start and you can add any message you like for the contact PI. We recommend that you draw the applicant's attention to the instructions and guidelines that are available at the bottom of the left-hand menu (and particularly the instructions for bookmarking the applicant's URL that are at the start of the Instructions for Applicants).

Note if you are using Eudora as your email program, the full URL will not be inserted automatically. You will need to paste it into the email you send to the applicants.

4. Register another proposal

Click the Application link (bottom left) to return to the main page.

Note that once a proposal is registered, it cannot be deleted. If an error has been made, register a new proposal with a new application number. Please do not recycle unused proposals for another applicant. Mark the original proposal as “Cancelled” (See below for changing the status of a proposal).

If you need to replace the contact PI name on a proposal from someone in the existing team, please contact the Marsden office as the proposal URL will need to be changed.

If you need to find an applicant’s URL again, click the proposal ID to highlight it. It will be displayed in the "URL" field.

5. Navigating through the proposals Proposals are listed in proposal number order. There is also a locate feature on the left-hand column of the page for finding a proposal by proposal number and by first-named PI.
6. Filtering

You can filter the list of proposals so that either all the proposals or those that have a particular status are shown. The DEFAULT button allows you to keep a particular filter selection for the whole session.

The two links in the proposal list (ID and Contact PI) work differently. Click on ID to highlight a proposal for administration purposes (e.g. finding the login details or for previewing the entire application). Use the Contact PI to act as the applicant’s agent to complete or alter details in the proposal itself.

7. Templates Generally, templates are retrieved from within a proposal, but if a set of generic templates is needed, these can be obtained by clicking the Templates link
8. Changing the status of a proposal.

When you create a proposal it will automatically be given a status of “NEW”. Once someone starts working on it, the proposal status will change to “WIP”. When the applicants have finished preparing the proposal, they will mark it as completed.

Coordinators can reset the status or mark it as “RELEASED”, “CANCELLED” or “WITHDRAWN” by clicking the appropriate proposal in the ID column, then clicking the EDIT button and using the Status dropdown menu.

Note: Cancelled means the number is not being used. Withdrawn means the applicant has decided not to submit the proposal.

9. Exporting data Coordinators can obtain a list of their institution’s proposals and also a list of the PIs and AIs associated with proposals by clicking the Export Data link. A data file in CSV format is generated which can be opened in Excel.