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Recipients of the Royal Society Te Apārangi Early Career Research Excellence Award for Social Sciences.

Latest recipient

The 2023 Early Career Research Excellence Award for Social Sciences has been presented to Maria Armoudian for addressing some of most intractable issues of our time—sustainability, good governance, and international human rights —through transdisciplinary research, leadership and mentoring.

Previous Recipients

2022 Christina Ergler for her research highlighting young children’s contribution to achieving just, healthy, sustainable and inclusive cities.
2021 Emily Beausoleil for her research that seeks to enhance equality of voice in diverse communities by studying the conditions that underlie chronic inattention and inaction by advantaged groups, and the insights these have for designing more effective forms of civic engagement.
2020 David Moreau for his ground-breaking research that shows that brain functioning benefits can be obtained from short bursts of high-intensity exercise.
2019 Bronwyn Wood for her research which has helped deepen our understanding about how today's young people engage as citizens, especially in the school context.
2018 Holly Thorpe for her work in understanding how women engage with action sports and how such sports interact with youth culture in conflict and disaster zones.
2017 Danny Osborne for advancing understanding of the psychological barriers to collective action. His research examines New Zealanders’ attitudes and shows that people’s basic needs for stability, beliefs about their collective ability to change the system, and culture specific beliefs about past injustices all undermine collective action.