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View recipients of the Te Rangi Hiroa Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2019 Te Rangi Hiroa Medal was awarded to Professor Edwina Pio from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for her pioneering research that has had a significant impact on how ethnic minority migrants are (de)constructed in organisations and how religion and ethnicity are powerful entwined forces in the business and social arenas in New Zealand and internationally.

Previous recipients


Tracey McIntosh for advancing our understanding of enduring social injustices that undermine Māori wellbeing and inhibit social cohesion and meaningful cultural diversity in Aotearoa.  Her research focuses on how to correct the intergenerational transmission of social inequalities, how they pertain to Māori, and influence new indigenous knowledge and policies that work for Māori and the nation.


Murray Cox for his anthropological work to reconstruct processes of transformation and change in past societies using genetic data. His research has revealed a number of social features from the past such as marriage rules and farming expansion in South East Asia.


Ruth Fitzgerald for her significant contribution to medical anthropology in areas of social and political importance in New Zealand


Not awarded


Colleen Ward for her outstanding contributions to the advancement of the psychological study of immigration, acculturation, intercultural relations and cultural diversity


Ian Pool for his demographic research on Māori fertility and family formation, the theory of age-structural transition, the measurement of mortality and morbidity, and the relationship between population and development


Not awarded


Alistair John Cluny Macpherson


Greta Regina Aroha Yates-Smith


Erik Newland Olssen


Jack Vowles


Joan Metge