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The Prime Minister's Science Communication Prize

Prime Minister's Prize.
This Prize will be awarded to either a practising scientist who can demonstrate an interest, passion and aptitude for science communication and public engagement, or to a person who has developed expertise in public engagement with, or communication of complex scientific or technological information to the public.

Discipline: natural, physical, mathematical and information sciences, applied sciences, technology, engineering, social science and multi-disciplinary science.

Award offered: yearly

Prize: trophy and cash prize, $100,000


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  • The Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize is worth $100,000 to the recipient.
  • $50,000 of the Prize is to be used to support the recipient to carry out a programme of activities to further their understanding of science communication.
  • $50,000 of the Prize money is available to the recipient with no expectations on its use.
  • The recipient of the Prize would be expected to be involved in promotional opportunities appropriate to receiving The Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize.


Current status

For more, see the Prime Minister's Science Prizes website

For queries, email pmscienceprizes@tcc.co.nz