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Hercus Medal

Health sciences award for excellence in molecular and cellular sciences, biomedical science or clinical science and public health, awarded every two years

Award details

DisciplineBiomedical and health sciences

Award offered: every two years

Prize: Medal

programmes hercus medal featured

Please note: From, and including 2017, the Sir Charles Hercus Medal has been awarded biennally for molecular and cellular sciences and technologies; biomedical sciences and technologies; or clinical sciences and technologies and public health, rather than one discipline per round in rotation.

From 2017 the medal has been known as the Hercus Medal.

The medal will not normally be awarded in the same discipline two rounds in a row.

Current status

This medal will be offered next in 2020. The 2020  round will open in January 2020.

If you wish to make a new nomination can you please advise us as soon as possible (academy@royalsociety.org.nz) and we will send you a URL to access the web portal.