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Academy Executive Committee

View the current members of the Academy Executive Committee as well as past Academy chairs and presidents

Academy Executive Committee current members

  • Professor Richard Blaikie FRSNZ 2017-2020 (Current Chair)
  • Dr Tony Conner CRSNZ FRSNZ 2018-2021 (Deputy Chair) 
  • Professor Wendy Larner FRSNZ 2018-2021 (Society President)
  • Professor Stephen May FRSNZ 2019-2022 (Convenor – Social and Behavioural Sciences)
  • Professor Geoff Chase FRSNZ 2019-2022 (Convenor – Technology, Applied Sciences, Engineering) 
  • Distinguished Professor Jane Harding FRSNZ 2019-2021 (Convenor – Medical and Health Sciences) 
  • Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin FRSNZ 2019-2021 (Convenor – Physical, Earth and Mathematical Sciences) 
  • Professor Charlotte Macdonald FRSNZ 2019-2020 (Convenor – Humanities) 
  • Professor David Schiel FRSNZ  2019-2020 (Convenor – Biological and Environmental Sciences)
  • Professor Angus Macfarlane FRSNZ 2019-2021 (Convenor – Māori Knowledge and Development)

Subject to the Royal Society of New Zealand Act, to our General Rules, and any Academy Bylaws, the Academy Executive Committee may regulate its procedure in such manner as it thinks fit.

Past Chairs of the Academy

  • Professor Barry Scott FRSNZ  2017-2018
  • Professor Gaven Martin FRSNZ 2016-2017
  • Professor Richard Le Heron FRSNZ 2015-2016
  • Dr John Caradus FRSNZ FASNZ HFNZIAS 2014-2015
  • Professor Geoff Austin FRSNZ 2013-2014
  • Professor Richard Le Heron FRSNZ 2012-2013
  • Dr Stephen Goldson CRSNZ FRSNZ 2011-2012
  • Professor Keith Hunter FRSNZ 2010-2011
  • Professor David Thorns ONZM FRSNZ 2009-2010
  • Dr Brent Clothier FRSNZ 2008-2009

Past Presidents of the Academy

  • Professor Marston Conder FRSNZ 2006-2008
  • Professor Carolyn Burns CBE FRSNZ 2003-2006
  • Professor Paul Callaghan FRS FRSNZ 2000-2003
  • Professor George Petersen ONZM FRSNZ 1997-2000