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Support for New Zealand Royal Honours nominations

The Academy can be approached to support nominations for the New Zealand Royal Honours System, including the Order of New Zealand, the New Zealand Order of Merit and the Queen’s Service Order.

Principles to support New Zealand Royal Honours nominations:

  • The Society, at the discretion of the Chief Executive may write a letter of support for any candidate being nominated by another body, provided that:
    • The letter sets out the service carried out by the candidate in the context of the Society’s activities in a factual manner
    • The letter sets out any evidence that the contribution was meritorious, and the extent to which the candidate demonstrated a leadership role
    • The style of the letter is that of giving a professional opinion rather than advocacy-based
  • The Society may develop and lead a nomination if, in the opinion of the Academy Executive Committee, a candidate is identified who:
    • Has carried out some of the most significant service on which the nomination would be based within activities of the Society, or activities in which the Society participates
    • The nature of the service aligns well with the general Royal Honours criteria, and ideally is aligned with any notice of emphasis for a particular year, as might be issued by the Royal Honours secretariat
    • The candidate is nearing the end of their period of meritorious service
    • Is likely to attract sufficient support from other organisations or people of influence for the nomination to succeed
  • The Society would not normally lead a nomination for a candidate who is not a Fellow or Companion.
  • The Academy Executive Committee shall scan, at least annually, the roll of Fellows, Companions and medal winners to identify any candidates it wishes to support.
  • The Academy Executive Committee may request the Chief Executive or Director – Academy Operations to approach another organisation to inform that organisation that if it nominates a particular individual, the Society is prepared to write a letter of support.
  • The Society would normally seek to re-submit an unsuccessful nomination only once, and then only if significant new information can be added to the case.
  • The Society would not normally inform candidates of their nomination or support by the Society.
  • The Chief Executive and Director – Academy Operations would normally undertake the preparation of any case or letter of support, subject to review by some or all of the members of the Academy Executive Committee.
  • The Society is not prepared to devote large amounts of time to such activities, so the number of candidates nominated or supported in any year will be small.

Request support for a New Zealand Royal Honours nomination 

To request support for a New Zealand Royal Honours nomination, please email the Chief Executive or Academy Executive Officer.

View more information about New Zealand Royal Honours on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website