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Published 8 October 2020

Launch of panel Te Tapeke: Fair Futures in Aotearoa

Royal Society Te Apārangi has convened a diverse, multidisciplinary panel to examine issues of fairness, equality, and equity in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The name ‘Te Tapeke’ comes from ‘ka tapeke katoa te iwi’ and embraces the concept of including everyone, leaving no-one behind.

The panel’s task is to identify and highlight some of the important choices New Zealanders face in determining how to shape te tapeke fair futures in our country.

Today, the panel has released an introductory document that sets out some key concepts when thinking about fairness in Aotearoa.

To accompany this document, two of the panel members have released expert commentaries on aspects of fairness in Aotearoa: Panel co-convenor Associate Professor Andrew Erueti ‘A fair go for Māori’ and Professor Emerita Barbara Brookes: ‘A fair go’.

Also published today is some data on voting in New Zealand viewed through the lens of fairness – timely, as we head into the 2020 Election.

The panel’s overall intention is to raise public awareness of data and evidence that points to questions of fairness in Aotearoa, and to encourage New Zealanders to think about their own views on fairness and what a fair future would look like for them.

The panel’s future work will explore and profile some examples of how fairness matters across different areas of society, such as housing, health, education, justice, employment, and the economy. The panel will also highlight some cross-cutting themes such as poverty and climate change.

The panel members are:

Resources and profiles of the panel members are available online at royalsociety.org.nz/fair-futures

Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi