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View recipients of the Jones Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2022 Jones Medal was awarded to Kenneth Dodds for developing and applying statistical methods for genetic data analysis that enable the use of low-cost genotyping in primary industries and ecology.

Previous recipients


No award


Marston Conder for his internationally renowned research on symmetry and chirality in discrete structures, and his exemplary leadership and service in the New Zealand mathematical sciences community.


Alastair Scott for a career in statistics spanning over 50 years where he contributed through path-breaking research in survey sampling and biostatistics, and through service to the wider statistical profession in academia, government, and society


David Vere-Jones to recognise his lifetime achievement in statistics, both for his novel work on forecasting earthquakes and earthquake risk and for his contribution to the teaching of statistics and mathematics in New Zealand


Robert Goldblatt for his world-leading research in modal logic and category theory, and his lifetime of dedicated service to mathematics


John Butcher for his exceptional work on numerical methods for solving differential equations and leadership in developing mathematical sciences in New Zealand