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About Te Tapeke Fair Futures

The Society has convened a multidisciplinary panel of leading Aotearoa experts to consider the implications of equality, equity and fairness.

The panel's name, Te Tapeke, comes from 'ka tapeke katoa te iwi' and does not translate to mean ‘fair futures’, but rather conveys being included, or including all the people. Its aim is to raise public awareness and inform understanding to enhance equality, equity and fairness in New Zealand, by:

  • Describing the concepts of equality equity and fairness in New Zealand; noting how these ideas have changed over time and going beyond economic inequality to incorporate intersectional dimensions of inequality by drawing on, for example, human and indigenous rights, mātauranga Māori views, and the experience of Māori, Pasifika and migrant communities;
  • Explaining the benefits of improving equality, equity and fairness across a range of selected areas (eg, health, financial, educational), considering both present and emerging issues such as access to new technologies;
  • Identifying the structural drivers of equality, equity and fairness (including intergenerational); involving communities in these discussions to ensure the voices of those affected are included in this conversation;
  • Moving beyond raising public awareness to drive action by exploring the research evidence for initiatives that could enhance equitable opportunities for future generations of New Zealanders including what works, for whom, under what conditions and why.

The panel convened for its first hui on 22 Poutū-te-rangi March 2019. It has reviewed how concepts of a just society have changed over time and has chosen to consider the implications of fair futures in parallel work streams, initially focusing on housing and hauora healthcare. 

Dame Lowell Goddard, Co-Chair of the panel said: "The global pandemic has reminded us that a great deal is possible when we commit to working together. As we chart a pathway forward, New Zealanders have an opportunity to reflect on the sort of environmental, economic and social values that will underpin our future."

The panel’s work will be guided and reviewed by experts. It plans to consult widely during the course of the project and to discuss its thinking and advice as it develops with relevant stakeholders.

Andrew Erueti, Co-Chair, said: "the Te Tapeke Fair Futures panel will need to be guided by pūkenga – experts on tikanga Māori. We will need to be guided by Pasifika and other community leaders. This is all part of our journey as we seek to explicate the principles of fairness, equality, and equity – what drives and undermines them, and what types of solutions might lead to positive change for all New Zealanders."


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