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Recipients January 2022

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview

Programme Number of received proposals Number of funded proposals
General 27 9

Catalyst: Seeding General

New Zealand PI Institution Project Title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Countries
Dr Tom Stewart  Auckland University of Technology  Advancing the assessment of physical literacy in children: An international collaboration  79,999  24 Dr Wesley O’Brien, Professor Kelly Mackintosh, Professor Michael Duncan, Dr Justin Richards, Associate Professor Lisa Barnett  University College Cork, Swansea University, Coventry University, Victoria University Wellington, Deakin University  IRELAND, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED KINGDOM, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA 
Dr Roshan Khadka  Plant and Food Research  Bionanomaterials for self-powered wearable electronics  80,000  24 Professor Jin-Heong Yim  Kongju National University  KOREA 
Dr Denise Conroy  Plant and Food Research  Eat the Future- Examining consumer appetite for cellular agriculture meat, fish, and fruit  77,000 24 Dr Felix Septianto  University of Queensland AUSTRALIA
Dr Enrique del Rey Castillo  The University of Auckland  Reducing the carbon footprint of concrete through cement substitution with natural volcanic materials  80,000  24 Professor Maria Juenger, Mr Joseph Thomas 

The University of Texas at Austin, Magmatics, Natural Pozzolana Association 

Dr Kang Huang  The University of Auckland  Daylight-driven self-sanitizing materials to prevent food cross-contamination: spectral and spatiotemporal tuning of ROS production  80,000  24 Professor Gang Sun  University of California, Davis  USA
Dr Ingrid Ukstins  The University of Auckland  Automating Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Aerial Exploration  80,000 24

Professor David Wettergreen, Professor Jeffrey Moersch, Dr Christopher Hamilton 

Carnegie Mellon University, University of Tennessee, University of Arizona  USA
Associate Professor Ilze Ziedins  The University of Auckland  Tired of waiting? Data-informed dynamic models for congestion control  74,000 24 Associate Professor Riccardo Mogre  Durham University  UNITED KINGDOM 
Dr Brian Guo  University of Canterbury  Measuring and modelling situation awareness for safe human-robot collaboration: an immersive virtual reality approach  62,840 24 Associate Professor Yang Miang Goh  National University of Singapore  SINGAPORE 
Dr Sarah Baird  University of Otago  Development of an antibody targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer: the function and disruption of NgR3 78,126  24 Distinguished Professor Lance Liotta, Dr Carl Shelley  George Mason University, Leukemia Therapeutics LLC  USA