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Recipients July 2023

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview

Programme Number of received proposals Number of funded proposals
 General  78 11
 JSPS-Joint Research Projects  19 3
 Total  97 14

Catalyst: Seeding General

New Zealand PI Institution Project Title Funding Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Countries
Dr Isaac Warbrick Auckland University of Technology  The language of the environment - Te Reo o te Moana Nui a Kiwa  79,880 24  Professor Kame'eleihiwa  University of Hawaii  USA
Dr Sally Potter  Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences  Understanding the role of vulnerability and exposure data in developing impact-based forecasts and warnings for severe weather.  78,000  24  Dr J Robbins Met Office  UNITED KINGDOM 
Dr Guy Coulson  National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd  Go South – Finding the Missing Southern Ocean Aerosol and Cloud Processes  69,800  24 Dr Wehner, Dr Reis, Professor Dr Seckmeyer, Dr Sellegri, Professor McDonald Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Deutsches Zentrum fuür Luft und Raumfahrt - Projektträger (DLR-PT), Leibniz University Hannover, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), University of Canterbury  GERMANY, GERMANY, GERMANY, FRANCE, NEW ZEALAND 
Dr Ayyoob Arpanaei  Scion Research  Lignin Alchemy: Unleashing Antimicrobial Nanomaterials for Next-Gen Applications  80,000  24 Professor Kingshott, Professor L Meyer Swinburne University of Technology, The University of Aarhus  AUSTRALIA, DENMARK 
Dr Alan Wang  The University of Auckland  Augmented Reality-Enhanced Intelligent Rehabilitation for Post-Stroke Spatial Neglect  80,000  24 Professor Harvey University of Glasgow  UNITED KINGDOM
Professor Roberto Armellin The University of Auckland  Advanced Cislunar Space Mission Design  80,000  24  Distinguished Professor Bland, Dr Lantoine  Curtin University , Jet Propulsion Laboratory  AUSTRALIA, USA 
Professor Jun Lu  The University of Auckland  Characterise the role of SSAT, a collaborative approach  80,000  24 Professor Welford, Professor Ferrari, Associate Professor Cheng, Distinguished Professor Cai, Professor Ying  University of Miami, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Fudan University  USA, USA, USA, USA, CHINA 
Professor Jadranka Travas-Sejdic  The University of Auckland  Ultra-Conformable 3D Electrode Arrays for Enhanced Brain and Gut Recordings  80,000  24 Professor G Malliaras  University of Cambridge  UNITED KINGDOM 
Dr Quincy Ma  The University of Auckland  Shaking Continents, Resilient Hospitals: Comparing Seismic Design Approaches in Healthcare Facilities across New Zealand and Chile  80,000  24 Professor Boroschek, Professor Rodgers  Universidad de Chile, University of Canterbury  CHILE, NEW ZEALAND
Dr Angus Lindsay  University of Canterbury  Genetic therapy for Becker muscular dystrophy  80,000  24 Dr C Vaillend, Dr A Goyenvalle  NeuroPSI - Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, CNRS UMR9197, University of Versailles Saint Quentin  FRANCE, FRANCE 
Professor Geoff Chase  University of Canterbury  Converging Technologies to Quantify, Digitise, and Automate Agitation Management in Critical Care  80,000  24 Dr Desaive, Dr Lambermont  Liege University, CHU de Liege  BELGIUM, BELGIUM 

New Zealand – Japan Joint Research Project

New Zealand PI  Institution  Project Title 

Funding (GST Excl) 

Months  Japanese Collaborator(s)
Dr Andrew Lohrer National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Marine macroinvertebrate diversity and ecosystem functioning across estuarine and coastal ecosystems in New Zealand 60,000   24

Professor Takehiro Sasaki

Yokohama National University

Dr Alex  Shegay  The University of Auckland  Investigation of effective and cost-efficient building retrofit strategies using modern technologies  60,000  24

Dr Tomomi Suzuki

Osaka University

Professor Ross Lawrenson

University of Waikato   Developing equitable and resilient health systems that can respond to three key challenges: Growing
demand for healthcare; climate change; and demographic change - a Japanese and New Zealand comparison and co-creation
59,996  24 

Professor Masatoshi Matsumoto

Hiroshima University