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Recipients April 2021

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview

Programme Number of received proposals Number of funded proposals
General  24  10

Catalyst: Seeding General

New Zealand PI Institution Project Title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Countries
Dr Tim Harwood

Cawthron Institute  Developing capability to identify and monitor marine toxins produced by Ostreopsis species in microalgal cultures and seafood 80,000 24 Dr Andrew Turner, Professor Carmela Dell'Aversano Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, University of Napoli Federico II UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY
Dr Adriana Najar-Rodriguez The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Will climate change disrupt biocontrol systems? -potential effects of heat waves on tritrophic systems 80,000 24 Dr Feng Zhang, Professor Dr Mike Furlong, Dr Adriana Najar-Rodriguez, Professor Dr Chun-Sen Ma CAB International (MARA-CABI joint lab), The University of Queensland, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IPPCAAS) CHINA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA
Dr Jaroslav Klapste Scion Research Treelectronics: Development of scalable tree wearables for monitoring tree physiological responses to spatial and temporal changes in environmental conditions 73,500 24 Professor George Malliaras University of Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Ying (Sherry) Xu The University of Auckland Sustainable and recyclable battery technology 78,600 24 Dr John Kennedy, Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma GNS Science, University of New South Wales NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA
Dr Frauke Meyer The University of Auckland Growing an International Research Collaboration to Combat Systemic Bias in Aotearoa New Zealand Schools 50,022 24 Professor Heather McClure University of Oregon USA
Associate Professor Justin Fernandez The University of Auckland Hyper-Band MRI: Faster MRI Scans for Brain Injury and Cognitive Disorders in NZ 58,500

24 Dr Samantha Holdsworth, Associate Professor Jerome Maller Matai Medical Research Institute, General Electric Healthcare AUSTRALIA
Dr Laura Revell University of Canterbury Development of a standardized analytical method for measuring airborne microplastics

24 Dr Steve Allen, Dr Dusan Materic, Dr Deonie Allen University of Birmingham, Utrecht University, University of Strathclyde UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Kirsty Danielson University of Otago From individual cell transcripts to disease: in-depth analysis for Māori health

24 Dr Bridget Simonson Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard USA
Dr Sarah Thomasson Victoria University of Wellington Building Global Relationships for Live Performing Arts Databases 80,000 24 Professor Julie Holledge Flinders University AUSTRALIA
Dr Nichola Tyler Victoria University of Wellington Developing socio-cultural evidence-based assessment and intervention protocols to reduce deliberate firesetting in New Zealand
24 Professor Theresa Gannon University of Kent UNITED KINGDOM