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Recipients January 2023

Catalyst: Seeding
Funding round overview

Programme Number of received proposals Number of funded proposals
General 45  10

Catalyst: Seeding General

New Zealand PI Institution Project Funding Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Countries
Dr Karin van der Walt Wellington City Council Seed conservation and restoration of Araucariaceae, a family of coniferous trees, in the Pacific Region 79,907 24 Dr Guzzon, Dr D Sommerville, Dr Nadarajan, Dr Ballesteros Bargues, Dr L Gerth, Dr Faruk Pacific Community's Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, University of Valencia, Victoria University of Wellington, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew FIJI, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, UNITED KINGDOM
Professor Marie Wong Massey University Improving market access for NZ avocado oils by ensuring high quality and food safety 80,000 24 Dr B Matthäus, Dr AB Woolf, Professor SC Wang Max Rubner-Institut, The New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute Limited, University of California, Davis GERMANY, NEW ZEALAND, USA
Dr Jingjing Liu University of Auckland A validated digital tool for novel green H2 production technology 80,000 24 Dr Wood Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA
Dr Alice Della Penna University of Auckland Plenty of fish in the (deep) sea? Using light attenuation to estimate mesopelagic biomass. 80,000 24 Dr D Braun Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution USA
Dr Vickie Shim University of Auckland Personalised movement therapy for the diabetic foot with digital twins 80,000 24 Professor Vanwanseele KU Leuven BELGIUM
Dr Claudia Meisrimler University of Canterbury Establishing Collaborative Networks in Phytophthora Research for Global Tree Health 80,000 24 Professor Dr PRJ Birch, Dr ML Gerth, Dr CH Mesarich, Dr Williams, Dr SC Whisson, Mr DA Herron University of Dundee, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University Manawatu, Plant And Food, The James Hutton Institute, Scion UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED KINGDOM
Associate Professor Michelle LaRue University of Canterbury Toward a coordinated research network to monitor the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area 80,000 24 Dr Brooks, Dr Ballard, Professor Hofmann, Dr DuVivier University of Colorado-Boulder, Point Blue Conservation Science, Old Dominion University, National Centre for Atmospheric Research USA, USA, USA, USA
Dr Vanessa Morris University of Canterbury Solution insights into a unique amyloid formation mechanism of a critical tumour suppressor 80,000 24 Professor B Demeler, Dr C Goebl University of Lethbridge, University of Otago Christchurch CANADA
Professor Sarah (Sally) Gaw University of Canterbury Biomarkers of oxidative stress in wastewater as an indicator of community health and wellbeing 46,371 24 Professor Thomas, Mr Chappell The University of Queensland, Insitute of Environmental Science and Research AUSTRALIA
Dr Nathan Kenny University of Otago Rainbow connection: a novel collaboration to examine the role of colour in sea star resilience to environmental stressors 80,000 24 Associate Professor KL Cheney, Dr ST Williams, Professor M Byrne, Associate Professor Y Kano The University of Queensland, The Natural History Museum, The University of Sydney, The University of Tokyo AUSTRALIA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN