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Recipients April 2018 Call

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview


Number of received proposals

Number of funded proposals




Recipients Catalyst: Seeding General

NZ PI Institution Project title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Collaborator Countries
Dr Stephen Bannister GNS Science Small earthquakes in Big data: systematic detection of low-frequency seismicity in the Hikurangi margin 59,330 24 Dr WB Frank, Professor J Townend University of Southern California, Victoria University of Wellington USA, NZ
Dr Alona Ben-Tal Massey University The physiological significance of cardiorespiratory interactions: bridging between data analysis, mathematical theory and physiological models.  80,000 24 Professor A Stefanovska Lancaster University UNITED KINGDOM
Professor Shane  Telfer Massey University Metal-organic Framework Glasses as Next-Generation Porous Materials 80,000 24 Dr TD Bennett University of Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Jonathan  Kitchen Massey University Molecular Machines in Medicine: novel Ln(III) containing interlocked architectures for advanced diagnostics  72,150 24 Professor SM Goldup University of Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Peter Sperlich NIWA Establishing community reference gases for isotope ratios in atmospheric CH4  80,000 24 Dr M Moossen, Mr BH Vaughn, Dr D Lowry, Professor T Roeckmann, Dr T Umezawa, Dr OA Tarasova Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, INSTAAR - University of Colorado, Royal Holloway, University of London, Utrecht University, National Institute for Environmental Studies, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) GERMANY, USA, UNITED KINGDOM, THE NETHERLANDS, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND
Associate Professor Ewan Tempero The University of Auckland How Debugging Feels: A Neuropsychological Evaluation of Programmers’ Strategies for Fixing Errors in Software  80,000 24 Professor R Kazman University of Hawaii at Mānoa USA
Associate Professor Jonathan Sperry The University of Auckland Sustainable Organosulfur Synthesis  49,700 24 Associate Professor XH Zeng Xiamen University CHINA
Associate Professor Sarah Hetrick The University of Auckland Investing in our future: a Cochrane child and youth mental health initiative  80,000 24 Professor RC Churchill, Professor PD McGorry, Dr  Fortune University of York, University of Melbourne, University of Otago UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA
Associate Professor Tim Woodfield University of Otago Nanoscale 3D-bioassembly of clinically relevant orthopaedic replacement grafts  79,855 24 Professor  Dalton University of Würzburg GERMANY
Professor Bart  Ellenbroek Victoria University of Wellington Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) A window into the brain  79,500 24 Professor BS Lin National Chiao Tung University TAIWAN