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Recipients January 2017 Call

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview


Number of received proposals

Number of funded proposals




New Zealand – Germany Science & Technology Programme






Recipients Catalyst: Seeding General

New Zealand PI Institution Project title Total Funding Months Collaborator Countries
Dr Val Snow AgResearch Assessment of integrated sheep-viticulture farming systems 58600 24 USA; NZ 
Dr Susie Wood Cawthron Institute Troubled Waters: Understanding benthic cyanobacterial bloom formation and toxin production in New Zealand and American freshwaters 80000 24 USA
Dr Jocelyn Turnbull GNS Science Development of urban fossil fuel CO2 emission monitoring strategies 75000 24 AUSTRALIA
Associate Professor Stephen On Lincoln University BEAM: next generation rapid identification and characterisation of microorganisms 80000 24 USA; NZ
Dr Daniel  Thomas Massey University Building capability for conservation paleobiology in New Zealand 33810 14 RUSSIA
Professor Peter  Lockhart Massey University Transforming DNA diagnostics: from lab to field 80000 24 CANADA; FIJI; SAMOA
Dr Carolyn Lundquist NIWA IPBES Visions for Nature Workshop 80000 12 THE NETHERLANDS; GERMANY
Dr Jing Yang NIWA Regionalizing a new groundwater model for New Zealand 80000 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Geoff Willmott The University of Auckland Development of Nanoscale Pipetting for Nanomechanical Applications 80000 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Kelly Burrowes The University of Auckland Predicting the loss of lung function due to radiation therapy for lung cancer 76002 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble The University of Auckland Short Peptides as Marine Anti-Fouling Agents 78000 24 SWEDEN
Dr Shawn Means The University of Auckland Liver Disease Research: An Alliance of NZ & Canadian Mathematical, Experimental and Clinical Expertise 72600 24 CANADA
Dr Martin Fronius University of Otago Deciphering the mechanics of cardiovascular disease 79277 24 GERMANY
Professor Kurt Krause University of Otago Targeting membrane proteins in mycobacteria to cure tuberculosis 74510 24 GERMANY


Catalyst: Seeding Bilateral sub-programme

New Zealand – Germany Science & Technology Programme


New Zealand PI Institution Project title Total Funding Months Germany
Professor HW Guesgen Massey University Semapfar – Semantic Maps for Model-Based Precision Farming 12,000 24 Professor J Hertzber, Osnabrück University
Professor Simon Bickerton The University of Auckland Resin Transfer Impregnation with Supersaturated Nonwovens 12,000 24 Dr David May, Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH