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Recipients January 2018

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview


Number of received proposals

Number of funded proposals




Recipients Catalyst: Seeding General


New Zealand PI


Project title

Funding (GST Excl)


Collaborator Countries

Dr Stewart  Ledgard

AgResearch Limited Investigating alternative uses for pasture 73,363 24  IRELAND, DENMARK

Dr Colm Carraher

Plant & Food Research Desaturase enzyme engineering: designing tailor-made pheromones 80,000 24  SWEDEN
Dr Georgina Dowd Plant & Food Research Growing Sea species on Land - Piscine Cell Culture in New Zealand. 79,000 24  CANADA

Professor Janet Gaffney

The University of Auckland Talking Matters: Growing a Networked Research Community Around the Children and Families of Aotearoa New Zealand 79,450 24 UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA, AUSTRALIA

Professor Ngaire Kerse

The University of Auckland the TULIP consortium; Health and Wellbeing in Advanced Age 79,954 24 UNITED KINGDOM, THE NETHERLANDS, JAPAN

Associate Professor Renwick Dobson

University of Canterbury New biophysical methods to understand how bacteria import metabolites across their cell membrane. 80,000 24  CANADA, USA

Associate Professor Brian Monk

University of Otago Tools for drug discovery from an ancient fungal family 80,000 24  AUSTRIA
Professor Nigel Perry University of Otago  Bioluminescence of the Arachnocampa glowworms unique to New Zealand and Australia  57,800 24  AUSTRALIA 
Associate Professor Rajesh Katare  University of Otago 

The non-neuronal cholinergic system of the heart: a novel mechanism for regulating heart

77,976  24  JAPAN