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View recipients of the MacDiarmid Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2023 MacDiarmid Medal was awarded to Geoffrey Waterhouse for discovering low-cost nanocatalysts critical to global decarbonisation efforts and creating energy infrastructures based around renewables.

Previous recipients


AgResearch Plant Biotechnology with team members Greg Bryan, Nick Roberts and Somrutai Winichayakul for research on enhanced photosynthesis, increasing nutrient and energy density of forages and crops to improve productivity and animal performance while reducing environmental impacts of agriculture.


Maggie-Lee Huckabee for sustained excellence in translational research to improve outcomes for individuals with swallowing impairment.


Keith Gordon for his innovative use of light to understand molecular structure across a range of areas that impinge on technology, health and the environment.


Geoff Chase for his innovative engineering and transitional research based on unique model-based ‘virtual patients’, which has saved lives and reduced costs in New Zealand and Europe, and created a template for engineering-based solutions to significant healthcare problems confronting the world.


Peter Tyler for designing and synthesising a new raft of potential drugs that target the enzymes of many diseases. This has led to the development of newly approved lymphoma drug, Mundesine, that is giving patients new hope.


Merryn Tawhai for her research in computational physiology of the respiratory system, having pioneered development of anatomically detailed models that span cell-to-organ function, and providing new understanding of lung physiology and pathophysiology


Valery Feigin for his outstanding research in stroke epidemiology and prevention worldwide, and the development of ground-breaking technology in primary stroke prevention


Alistair Gunn for his pioneering research on using brain cooling to prevent brain injury in babies who experience low oxygen at birth


Neil Broom for his research that, by combining engineering and biological concepts, has led to better understanding of human heart valves and joint and spinal tissues


Margaret Brimble for pioneering the design, synthesis and clinical development of a small molecule drug candidate that shows promise for significantly reducing the impact of traumatic brain injury.


Gary Evans for pioneering the design and synthesis of new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of major diseases including gout, psoriasis and cancer of the immune system