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View recipients of the Scott Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2021 Scott Medal has been awarded to Dr Zhenan Jiang, a Principal Scientist at the Robinson Research Institute for global leadership in measuring and modelling the response of superconductors, leading to cost-effective superconducting machines.

Previous recipients


Professor Don Cleland from Massey University for his outstanding research which has provided performance prediction methodologies used by practitioners worldwide to optimise the design and operation of refrigeration technologies.


Kim Pickering for her development of composite materials that are more sustainable. Many composite materials are not biodegradable or recyclable, but she has used more sustainable materials as fibres for reinforcing, for example hemp, wood and harakeke or New Zealand flax. 


Ian Woodhead for advancing electronic engineering, particularly in developing sensors for the agricultural and environmental sectors, including an electric fence performance sensor, and an electronic soil moisture sensor that allows for more efficient irrigation systems.


No award


Andrew Buchanan for his world-leading work in developing design techniques for large-scale timber buildings and designing for fire safety


Stephen Henry for his outstanding contribution to the field of glycoscience


Paul Harris for his significant contributions to the development and application of electronic devices in New Zealand


Bruce William Melville for his research in fluvial sediment transfer


Peter Munro for research and application to technical developments in the area of food processing with special emphasis on the properties of milk proteins as functional ingredients


Josu Arrillaga for his contribution to the advance of the electrical engineering profession as an educator and as a researcher


Wei Gao for major contributions to research concerning the processing of materials so as to engender desired properties


No award


Lawrence Kenneth Creamer for pre-eminence in fundamental, strategic and applied New Zealand dairy science and technology


John Talbot Boys for outstanding contributions to inductive transfer


Robert Park for his leadership and meritorious contributions in the field of seismic design and performance of concrete structures