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Scott Medal

Engineering science and technology award for work of great merit by a researcher in New Zealand, awarded every two years.

Award details

DisciplineEngineering sciences and technologies

Award offered: Every two years

Prize: Medal 

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Please note: From, and including 2017, the R. J. Scott Medal will be awarded biennially for chemical, civil, environmental, forestry, agricultural and resource engineering;  electrical, electronic, information and mechanical engineering; or technologies associated with biological, food, natural products processing (meat, wool, dairy, skin etc) and medical practice technologies, rather than one discipline per round in rotation.

Since 2017, the medal has been called the Scott Medal.

The medal will not normally be awarded in the same discipline two rounds in a row.

The Medal is awarded to the researcher who, working within New Zealand, has undertaken work of great merit and has made an outstanding contribution towards the advancement of the particular branch of engineering sciences, technologies, and their applications.

Current status

The 2019 round has closed. This medal will be next offered in 2021.

To make a nomination, please contact academy@royalsociety.org.nz and a URL will be sent to you to access the nomination web portal.