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Key risks

This report highlights six key risks from climate change to New Zealand:

  • inundation and erosion of coasts
  • flooding from river systems
  • pressure on fresh water resources
  • changes in the ocean
  • threats to land-based and freshwater ecosystems
  • repercussions of global changes for New Zealand

Learn more about the key risks of climate change for New Zealand:


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Other risks

While these cover not all implications and risks associated with climate change, they are considered to pose some of the largest risks to New Zealand (taking into account hazards, exposure and vulnerability, as well as the scale of likely impacts and their probability of occurrence), and could affect large sections of New Zealand society.

Climate change will have other important implications (for example for human healthenergy generation and distributiontransport and infrastructure), but these are not discussed in detail in this report as they were not considered to be key risks at the same scale and with the same implications for near-term decision-making as the six areas covered in this report.