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Recipients July 2018 Call

Catalyst: Seeding

Funding round overview


Number of received proposals

Number of funded proposals




Dumont d'Urville 26 3

JSPS Joint Research Project







 Recipients Catalyst: Seeding General

NZ PI Institution Project Title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaboration Partners Collaborator Institutions Collaborator Countries
Associate Professor Maren Wellenreuther Plant & Food Research Enabling breeding of indigenous aquaculture species by overcoming reproductive dysfunctions                                79,020 24 Professor  Kato, Professor A Elizur, Dr CC Mylonas Kindai University, University of the Sunshine Coast, Hellenic Center for marine Research JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, GREECE
Dr Michael Watt Scion Research Use of hyperspectral imagery within New Zealand forests                                46,000 24 Professor  Hill Trier University GERMANY
Dr Stephen Pawson Scion Research Aerial tracking of flying insects using harmonic radar to support biosecurity response operations                                80,000 24 Professor BG Colpitts, Dr  Sweeney, Dr Graeme Woodward University of New Brunswick, Organisation/Employer Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, University of Canterbury CANADA, CANADA
Professor Shane Cronin The University of Auckland Experimental insights into the generation of hazardous volcanic ash                                80,000 24 Associate Professor  Scheu Ludwigs Maximillian University of Munich GERMANY
Dr Tobias Langlotz University of Otago Enhancing Perception using Computational Glasses                                60,700 24  Dr Y Itoh Tokyo Institute of Technology JAPAN
Professor Bart  Ellenbroek Victoria University of Wellington Why can't I forget? Understanding the neurobiology of addiction memory                                79,000 24 Professor T Shirao Gunma University JAPAN
Professor Winston Seah Victoria University of Wellington Establishing Trust in Internet of Things using Physically Unclonable Functions and Blockchains                                79,750 24 Dr A Abdullah, Distinguished Professor  Lin, Distinguished Professor YC Lai Universiti Putra Malaysia, National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology





Recipients New Zealand – Japan Joint Research Project

New Zealand PI


Project Title

Funding (GST Excl)



Dr Quincy Ma

The University of Auckland

Advancement of Seismic Preparedness and Damage Prognosis Procedures of Hospitals



Associate Professor Masahiro Kurata, Kyoto University

Dr Megan Boston, University of Waikato

Associate Professor William Levack University of Otago

Development of English-language and Māori/Pacific versions of Japanese mobile technology to
support patient and family/whānau participation in rehabilitation planning

 46,693  24

Associate Professor Kounosuke Tomori, Tokyo University of Technology

Associate Professor Kayoko Takahashi, Kitasato University

Professor Stephen Robertson University of Otago Cytoskeleton-Extracellular Matrix Interactions During Skeletal Development 55,500 24

Dr Shuji, Meijo University


Recipients Dumont d’Urville NZ-France Science & Technology Support Programme

New Zealand PI


Project Title

Funding (GST Excl)



Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger

Massey University

Predicting the correct ground states for superheavy elements beyond nuclear charge 120



Professor Paul, National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Professor Shane Telfer

Massey University

Nanocaged Enzymes



Dr Andrew Gross, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Dr Alexander Doronin

Victoria University of Wellington

Non-invasive POLarimetric diagnostics of biological tissues aided by Artificial Neural Networks

 29,000  24 Dr Tatiana Novikova, Ecole polytechnique