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Latest recipient

The 2023 Callaghan Medal was awarded to Mike Joy for being a vocal advocate for sustainable management of our freshwater ecosystems and playing a key role in shaping public opinion on the issue.

Previous recipients

2022 Michael Baker for science-informed commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic and other major public health issues in Aotearoa New Zealand.
 2021  No award
 2020 Rangi Mātāmua (Tūhoe) for his outstanding science communication work in Māori astronomy.


Ocean Mercier for her pioneering work in engaging publics in science and mātauranga Māori. 


Helen Taylor for raising the profile and understanding of conservation genetics and threatened species management both within and outside of academia.


Peter Shepherd for developing activities to increase the understanding of science by the New Zealand public. These include a programme to keep biology teachers, and their students, up to date with the latest developments in the life sciences and expanding the Queenstown Research Week.


Hamish Spencer for his work in developing and sustaining a new model of iwi and community-led science engagement, which has led to self-sustaining environmental projects and provided an exemplar for future public participatory partnerships.


Michelle Dickinson for her passion and dedication to raising public awareness of the value of science in New Zealand, particularly with young people.


Peter Dearden for his  outreach activities of Genetics Otago that he helped form and his involvement in communicating his genetics research on honey bees with the beekeeping industry and the public


Siouxsie Wiles for her vital contribution to raising public awareness of the value of medical science to human health and wellbeing


Shaun Hendy for his outstanding work in raising public awareness of science and its role in increasing economic prosperity


Peter Gluckman for his achievement in science communication, in particular raising public awareness of the value of science to human progress