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View recipients of the Humanities Aronui Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2019 Humanities Aronui Medal was awarded to Associate Professsor Selina Tusitala Marsh from the University of Auckland for her outstanding creative and scholarly work as a poet and notable Pacific scholar which has had a profound impact in academic, literary and public domains.

Previous recipients


Barbara Brookes for her outstanding contribution to Humanities scholarship, reshaping the history of New Zealand by putting women at the centre of a substantial and internationally recognised body of scholarly work culminating in A History of New Zealand Women.


Laurie Bauer for his world-renowned research has focused on word-formation, the description of New Zealand English, and the sound structure of language


Tony Ballantyne for reshaping the scholarly interpretation of British imperial history by demonstrating the importance of networks, cultural difference and mobility, and reconstructing the centrality of colonialism and empires in the making of the modern world


Atholl Anderson for his outstanding contribution to the humanities through research on pre-European migration and colonisation of oceanic islands


Brian Boyd for his wide-ranging contribution to the humanities


Not awarded.


Alan Musgrave for his enduring and profound influence as a philosopher of science whose influence has ranged widely across the humanities and social sciences


Jim Flynn for his outstanding work in political philosophy, in particular his discovery of historical gains in IQ, now known as the ‘Flynn Effect’