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View recipients of the Mason Durie Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2018 Mason Durie Medal was awarded to Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith FRSNZ her ground-breaking work that has, through strong relationships with New Zealand's Indigenous people, reshaped our understanding of the last great human migration into the Pacific.

Previous recipients


Professor Cris Shore FRSNZ (for his contributions to political anthropology and the study of organisations, governance and power. He has pioneered the use of anthropological methods to study policy and institutions)


Viviane Robinson (for her contribution to educational research by identifying the differential impact of different types of school leadership practice on the achievement of learners, which has materially changed national and international educational policy and practice)


Keith Petrie FRSNZ (for his eminent research on patients’ perceptions of illness, how these affect recovery, and how they can be used to improve patients’ health outcomes)


Charles Higham FRSNZ (for his work to understand social change in Southeast Asia over three millennia)


John Pratt FRSNZ (who has advanced the field of the sociology of punishment and comparative penology, specifically why the punishment of offenders changes over time and comparisons between English-speaking and Nordic societies)


Russell Gray FRSNZ (for his pioneering social science research on questions of fundamental relationships between human language, cognition and biology)