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Published 21 January 2022

2022 Medals and Awards

The call for nominations for medals and awards for the 2022 round is now open.

The following medals and awards are being offered in 2022 by Royal Society Te Apārangi. The closing date is 31 March 2022.

Please note that the Academy Executive Committee is focused on increasing the diversity of nominations from under-represented groups, particularly with respect to gender, ethnicity and employment context, from Crown Research Institutes and independent research organisations.

  • Rutherford Medal – for  exceptional research, scholarship or innovation by a person, or team, in any field of engineering, humanities, mathematics, sciences, social science, or technology
  • Te Puāwaitanga Research Excellence Award – in recognition of research that has made an eminent and distinctive contribution to Te Ao Māori, and to Māori and Indigenous knowledge

Communication, Leadership and Application

  • Callaghan Medal – for outstanding contribution to science communication, in particular raising public awareness of the value of science to human progress
  • MacDiarmid Medal – for scientific research by a person, or team, that demonstrates the potential for application to human benefit
  • Tahunui-a-Rangi – for invention or creation of a unique and ingenious structure, device, product, design, system, process, service or artefact(s) by a person, or team, which is significant in its economic, social, cultural or environmental impact
  • Thomson Medal – for outstanding contributions to the organisation, support and application of science and/or technology in New Zealand

Early Career Researcher Awards

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Humanities Aronui Medal – for research or innovative work of outstanding merit in the humanities
  • Mason Durie Medal – for advances in the frontiers of social science
  • Metge Medal – for excellence in the utilisation of social science training, research experience, teaching and/or working life to facilitate and create connections and opportunities among the various stakeholders involved in social science research
  • Pou Aronui Award – for distinguished service to the humanities-aronui

Physical and Biological Sciences

  • Charles Fleming Award for Environmental Achievement – for those who have achieved distinction in the protection, maintenance, management, improvement or understanding of the environment, in particular the sustainable management of the New Zealand environment
  • Hector Medal – for outstanding work in chemical, mathematical, or physical sciences
  • Hutton Medal – for significantly advancing understanding in animal sciences, earth sciences or plant sciences
  • Jones Medal – for a lifetime achievement in pure or applied mathematics or statistics by a person with substantial connections to New Zealand

Technology and Applied Sciences

  • Pickering Medal – for excellence and innovation by a person, or team, in the practical applications of technology

Health Sciences 

  • Hercus Medal – for excellence in molecular and cellular sciences, biomedical science or clinical science and public health

Research funds and opportunities

  • Charles Fleming Senior Scientist Award – an annual research grant worth up to $10,000 to support the research of a senior scientist in New Zealand
  • Charles Fleming Publishing Award – an annual award worth up to $8,000 to support the preparation of scientific books and relevant publications
  • Hutton Fund – Funding of $1,000 for research in New Zealand zoology, botany and geology
  • Skinner Fund – Funding of $1,000 for research in the study of the history, art, culture, physical and social anthropology of Māori and Polynesian peoples.

Please email academy@royalsociety.org.nz for further details.

Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi